Friday, August 22, 2014

Free Skull Halloween Hat Pattern Made With Modern Baby From Lion Brand Yarn

You remember last week when I told you about Modern Baby yarns from Lion Brand? Well, I want to come back to that because as I was working with an arched hat and it struck me… this makes great openings and would be perfect for making the Halloween skull hats I have been wanting to design.

There are a fair few patterns that show you how to make the basic motif but none that show you how to join them together, so rather than fighting to find a preset pattern again, I decided to just write my own, and after a whole lot of winding and unwinding I am happy to say I have a cool Halloween hat pattern to share with you that is not too silly and will be great for adults and kids alike.

This is how you come at the special stitch
Before we get into the pattern I wanted to take a minute and tell anyone who may have missed last weeks post about the Modern Baby Yarn. (Though you should go back and read all my craft posts)  Modern Baby from Lion Brand Yarns is a fifty fifty blend of Acrylic and nylon in a light 3 weight. It has a lovely amount of stretch that makes it perfect for hats and growing babies. It is wound better than any other yarn I have used. It almost looks braided and, as such, it never, ever even thought about splitting.

Instructions for an adult skull hat. To make child’s sizes just do less increase rows to get the size you desire. I recommend two tones as in one tone the skulls get lost as you can see in the picture below.

*H/8 5.0mm
*Modern Baby Gray
*Modern Baby Chartreuse
*Needle for weaving.
Special note, when I say FPSC two posts together what I mean is to work around the next two posts like you were doing a front post crochet and thus joining them together.

 In main color
Make a magic circle
Round 1 chain 3 (counts as first DC) 11 DC into circle (12DC)

Round 2 2 DC in each (24DC)
Round 3 2DC in first, 1DC in next.. repeat around (24DC)
Round 4 2DC in first, 1DC in next two.. repeat around (36DC)
Round 5 2DC in first, 1DC in next three.. repeat around (48DC)
Round 6 2DC in first, 1DC in next four.. repeat around (60DC)
Round 7 2DC in first, 1DC in next five.. repeat around (72DC)

Round 8 Ch 3, Skip 3, SC in next three repeat around fasten off

Round 9 (Change to contrast color by joining with a slip stitch, this is the start of the skull pattern) Ch 3, 6DC in first chain space, 7DC in chain each remaining chain space.
Round 10 CH4, TC in next, skip 1, *2TC in next, skip 1, TC in next four, skip 1*repeat*  to last 4..  2TC in next, skip 1, TC in last two join with SLST into chain.
Round 11 Chain 1 FPSC next two TC together, *3 sc in space before next TC, 3SC in between next 2TC, 3SC between next two , FPSC next two together, FPSC next two together* repeat to end of last cluster and join with slip stitch in first FPSC.
Round 12 SLST in next 4, chain 3, 1DC in next 2SC, *chain 1, skip 8,  1DC in next 3SC* repeat around  join with slip

Round 13 Join MC Chain 2, HDC in next two, *3HDC in chain space, HDC in next three* repeat.
Round 14-16 HDC in all
Round 17 SC in all
Fasten off weave in all ends.

I have found Lion Brand yarn at my shops and if you, like me, don’t have many craft supply options you can visit Lion Brand online and purchase their great yarns online. While you are there look around because they have a lot of great yarn art resources, including some stunning free patterns You can also follow Lion Brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.


  1. WOW! This is a very nice hat that you did. I like the yellow against the gray color and I can see the Skull that you designed. You did a great job and anyone would love to wear this hat for Halloween!

  2. Excellent job - my grandson would love this hat....of course at his age he would wear it year around if he could! lol Unfortunately, here in Texas it doesn't get cold enough to wear year around. Your color combinations are great & thanks for the tip on what kind of yarn you used...............

  3. Awesome pattern! Thank you do much for the hard work you put into it ave then sharing it for free! I can't wait to make these as gifts for my friends!!

  4. That's a nifty hat. I like your model!

  5. I love the pattern and the colors! Very cool!

  6. This is so pretty! I am am forwarding to my mother!~

  7. Very cute hat and I really like the colors you chose as well.

  8. This is a very unique pattern--I've never seen anything like it!

  9. This hat is so awesome! I'd love to have one in pink and black. :)

  10. What do you mean TC? What stitch is that?

  11. Very cool pattern, thank you. I am getting different numbers for stitch count, round 2 ends with 24 and with the increases in round 3, it should be 36, but says 24.