Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Office Workhorse the Epson WorkForce WF-3540

Isn't it a beauty?
Having a home office means you have unique needs when it comes to office equipment. You need reliable top quality equipment that you can have faith will get the job done in a way that will let you shine. When I found myself in need of a new printer one name came to mind - Epson.

The Epson WorkForce WF-3540 is so much more than just a printer. In fact when we were looking over the features my husband aptly called it the boss printer.  In addition to replacing my broken printer it allowed me to replace my scanner and fax as well - it truly earns it‘s space in the office.

Everything about the Epson WF-3540 has been fantastic. To start with it is so very easy to install. I’m not super tech savvy and usually leave the setting up of new things to my husband but I was able to set this printer up all by myself and with ease. The easy to follow instructions and front display guided me through each step of the set-up process.

Easy set-up on the touch screen
One thing you will notice when you are setting it up is that the ink cartridges are separate. I can’t tell you how much I love the fact that when one color runs out I only have to replace that one color!  I always felt like it was so wasteful to replace a whole color cartridge because one of the colors ran out. Don’t worry, even thought they are separate they are still super easy to install as well. It only takes a gentle shake and light push and then you are all done.

I’m a huge fan of touch screens and how simple they make things to operate. The 3.5 touch screen that made set-up so easy continues to make daily use easy for me as well by making the menu navigation easy and intuitive. Also for your ease it has two paper trays and a place in the back to feed things like envelopes.

Easy to install ink cartridges
Another thing to love is that it is super fast. In fact it has the worlds fastest two-side print speeds. Having two siding printing in itself it already a huge step up for me and a feature I've put to a lot of use. I love that I can save so much paper and with a 30-page duplex auto document feeder I can so quickly copy, scan and even fax stacks of 1 or 2 sided originals.

If you have more than one person who needs to use the printer or more than one device you use that you would like to be able to print from it is so easy because it can be connected to both a wired or wireless network with it‘s built in Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities.  Epson Connect makes it easy to print and scan from anywhere using Apple iPads, iPones, smartphone or tablets.

Features and awesome print quality
You know I also like to be eco-friendly when at all possible which is why I love the ‘Eco Mode’ with auto two sided printing and it has a sleep timer which you can adjust to meet you own needs.

What all of this technical talk boils down to is that you will get fast and high quality printing, super easy scanning and faxing and all of it in a super user friendly intuitively designed machine that even the most technically challenged can be using like a pro from the start.

Please browse the Epson site and see which of their great printers offers all of the features that will make your home office work load easier!

Disclosure: I was given the products I reviewed and no other compensation was received. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours.

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