Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adorable Licenses From My Pet DMV

What do you get for a fabulous little yellow dog that has everything?  Cleo is a spoiled little girl and loves to be the envy of not only her siblings but the neighbors' dogs as well. We decided that she has been responsible enough to be the first dog in the whole town with her very own driving license! She is very good about picking up her toys and alerting us to the approach of strangers, the mailman, and anyone that dares walk down the street.

We didn't tell her what we were planning. Imagine her surprise when she saw her lovely new license. She was a little concerned about the restrictions, no chasing cats can be pretty hard in her case, but besides that she was the happiest little yellow dog we‘ve ever seen.  She was so happy we all got lots of sloppy Cleo kisses.

When you think your pets are responsible enough, you can get them their very own drivers license from My Pet DMV too.  I simply adore that they are designed to look like the actual license from the state you pick.  In addition to the traditional license card you also get little collar key chain versions that go perfectly on the collar as tags.  That way, aside from being a simply adorable novelty item, they are useful tags in the event your fur baby gets lost and needs to find their way back home.

The service is easy to use, I had Cleo’s designed in less than five minutes and the license comes so quickly. At only $19.95 it is a fantastic deal and if you have more than one pet make sure your order them all at the same time as additional pets are only $9.95.  You have to admit that is the cutest pet tag you’ve ever seen. I bet for her birthday she wants to borrow the car!

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