Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Fur-kids With Omega Paw

While my dogs seems to be okay napping anywhere and have been thrilled with any bed I've given them, Sam, the cat, has rejected every single one. I have tried everything from blankets to houses and even plush beds but Sam refuses to lay in them. Being a cat person it should have dawned on me that the material was the problem.

All cats seem to love empty boxes and Sam instantly loved his new Ripple Board Scratch’n Massage Bed from Omega Paw. This is more than just a cardboard box for cats to nap in. It is a place for them to scratch as well, which will help keep them from scratching your furniture. It is also lined with a rippled insert to give them a gentle massage.  As a bonus it is treated with catnip oil. One thing I really love is that there are three layers of inserts, that way when Sam has worn out one by sharpening his nails, he still has two more! I have tried for so long to find a bed he loved that it really warmed my heart to walk by and see him sleeping happily in his new bed! He has used it everyday, several times a day.

Sam also loves his Arch Groomer from Omega Paw. This is also a multifunctional item that earns it’s space. When Sam walks under the arch he gets  a bit of a massage so that he keeps coming back for another pass and in doing so he is also grooming himself and removing loose hair. He also loves to sharpen his claws on the carpet part as well. And when he is feeling playful there is ball suspended from the arch for him to play with. This was really easy to put together too, just  a few snaps and it was ready for Sam.

Sam, and most cats, can have a tendency to inadvertently track litter through your house, which is pretty unsightly. The answer to our litter tracking problem was the Paw Cleaning Litter Mat. Just place it at the exit to the litter box and the angled louvers will capture and hide the litter, stopping it from getting to your floors and carpet! Sam may not notice this as much as the Arch or Bed but we sure do love it!

Not to leave out the dogs either, Omega Paw has a wonderful selection of items for them as well. My four really love the Tricky Treat Ball, which is a neat little ball you fill with bite sized treats and then they roll it about spilling out a few treats at a time. It was hard to get a picture that the ball was visible in because they wouldn't give any space for the other dogs to come steal their new toy! What was really funny was that Patches figured out very quickly how to work the ball so the other three stopped trying and just started following her around waiting for her to knock the treats out so they could benefit from her work! They love this so much we fill it up for them to play with at least once a day.

If you have cats or dogs I recommend giving the Omega Paw site a browse to see what they have that would make your furry children as happy as mine!

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  1. This is just the greatest! Buy a cat a bed, it will sleep in the box. They just took the genius route and made the box the bed. Awesome! lol