Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Newman's Own Organics For Pets!

This post brought to you by Cleo, our only yellow dog.

My humans really love Newman’s Own Organics, so you can imagine that I was pretty happy when I received a sampler of their pet food line to try too! I’m pretty conscious of what I eat, and love that their food is all certified organic and made with awesome fresh ingredients.


 In the dog sampler box was:

Peanut Butter Premium Dog Treats, which were appropriately heart shaped because they were much loved! We really look forward to treat time now that these tasty little hearts are on the menu! Just look how they held my attention.


Chicken & Rice Recipe Snack Sticks, which are crispy tasty sticks. Patches, who is the oldest and biggest of us all, got up on her hind legs to beg for one of these tasty treats. We all really enjoyed these as well, in fact this was the first of the treat bags we emptied. I hope we get more soon!


 Adult Dog Formula dry food, which are little triangle pieces of crunchy goodness so tasty and delicious that we can hardly wait for mom to put them in the bowl! Just look at us watching her every move. Lady even has her tongue out!


Organic Beef & Chicken and Brown Rice Premium Dog Food in 12.7oz cans, which me and my sister and brother all loved. It has a thick and creamy consistency and tantalizing aroma.


Turkey & Chicken and Turkey & Brown Rice flavors in the pull top 5.5 oz cans, which both also had a thick creamy constancy and wonderful aroma that made us come running for dinner.


 My brother Sam also received a sampler box. He’s a lucky cat! Despite my asking, I didn't get to try any of his food, but I did ask him a millions questions about it and tried to lick any off of his face. In his box was:


 A Bag of dry Premium Cat Food in Adult Cat Formula, which is little cat bite sized pellets. I could tell he liked it, because the next day when heard the bag being opened he came running over from the other room to see what was going on.


Four 3oz cans of wet food in Turkey & Vegetable, Chicken & Brown Rice, Organic Beef & Liver, and Organic Beef. This was a great size for Sam because he doesn't eat a lot at one time. He really loved the taste of them all; they had his total attention until the bowl was empty.


There were also two 5.5oz cans in Chicken & Salmon and Turkey varieties. He liked these just as well as the other wet food, and was able to get two meals out of each can. He loves Newman’s Own Organics wet food so much that when he heard the lids being pulled off, he started meowing at the humans to hurry up.

 All of the animals in this house are huge fans of everything we tried from Newman’s Own Organics pet line! Please take a moment to browse their pet line and find something for your pets to love!

♥ Little Yellow Dog

 Disclosure: I was given the products I reviewed; no other compensation was received. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours.

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  1. That stuff looks fantastic! I'm going to be getting a kitten soon so I've been looking into different types of foods to see what I'll be feeding her.

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