Monday, March 11, 2013

Sam Loves Catty Stacks

You all know I love to spoil my pets. I think most pet owners get great joy out of having happy fur-babies.  My dogs are pretty easy to spoil - they like most everything. Sam, however, is not so easy to impress. I think his cat nature just makes him more finicky.

I have donated and given away a pretty fair amount of cat beds and houses that Sam has ignored and refused to use. What hadn't occurred  to me until recently was that the materials might be the issue. As with most cats, Sam seems to be really drawn to empty boxes. Well, even full boxes. In fact if there is even a little bit of space in a box he will try to squeeze in and that’s no small feat for Sam because he is a bit on the big side as far as cats go.

Catty Stacks understands that cats love boxes and used that understanding to make stackable cat houses that your cats will actually love to play in. These are super easy to build. They come in two parts that you simply fold and fit together. You can see from the pictures that as soon as I had the first one together Sam was inside and using it as a place to sneak attack the dogs from!

There are limitless possibilities to what you can design from these awesome cat boxes. They are made from industrial-strength corrugated ultraboard, so you can stack them high and get really elaborate. Each box comes with metal office style clips so that you can fasten them together to make it a sturdy structure. They even come in different colors too! And you can ever get tunnels to get really creative with!

Another fantastic thing is that they are eco-friendly, being made from recycled materials, recyclable and printed with vegetable based ink. I also really loved that the openings can easily be made a little bigger for cats that aren't as petite - like my Sam. There are pre-cut holes that you can finish with a box cutter to give your baby a bit more space. But really the best feature is that cats love it!

Sam pretty much stays in his Catty Stacks house. He has discovered it is a great way to terrorize the dogs! He likes to steal the dogs toys and hide them in the stacks! I have photo evidence, as you can see, of the theft in progress. We also ended the dilemma of where to store the cat food. I put his bowl on the top level and now I don’t have to constantly yell at my dogs about cleaning out the cat bowl in one bite.

Dog Toy Theft In Progress

Has your kitty rejected other beds and houses? Or maybe they just really love boxes like most cats. Either way you’ll want to give Catty Stacks  a look. Imagine all the fun structures you can build your cat and the joy you will get from watching them happily playing in their new house. You can also connect with Catty Stacks on Facebook and Twitter.

Dog Toy Theft Success

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