Monday, April 8, 2013

HangerJack For All Your Hanging Needs

To say hanging space in my house is limited would be a massive understatement. This old farmhouse was built back when no one built closets.  I guess they all used wardrobes for hanging clothes and I don‘t have a wardrobe nor do I like the way the new zip up wardrobes looks. Needless to say I have had to get creative with places to put my hanging clothes.

HangerJack lets you have a place to hang your clothes in minutes. Where ever you think wold be a good place it can be easily installed. In fact HangerJack is so unique it lets you have a place to hang pretty much anything. Your creativity is the only limit. When our HangerJack arrived we suddenly realized we would need more than one because I have clothes needs and my husband has a bike that needs a place to stay too!

Aside from the versatility I really love how easy it is to install. There is a release button you need to press to get started. You have to press it firmly but I was able to do it even though I have arthritis in my hands so I imagine most anyone could too. Next you place it where you want to use it and start by installing the bottom two screws. Once you have those in you can flip down the hinge and install the top two.  Flip the support back up and you are ready! If you aren’t installing into a stud they also include the needed butterfly anchors.

Even if your house has closets as I’m sure most of yours does this would be very handy in the washroom, where you can always use hanging space. Or even in the shed or garage to hold up bigger tools and things like bikes. A HangerJack will hold up to sixty-five pounds so it’s going to be handy for all of your hanging needs.

For further details please visit the HangerJack website. You can also connect with HangerJack on Facebook to stay up to date with new products and fun promotions.

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  1. I have a walk in closet but I definitely don't have enough space for all my stuff...I think this thing looks awesome!