Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-piece Knife Set

My husband and I really enjoy cooking together. For a while now he has had to do all of the chopping while we cook because we were down to three steak knifes and a bread knife. I have no idea how we let that happen but it was certainly time for a new set of kitchen knives.

We  have fresh vegetables at least twice a day and that means we do a lot of chopping and peeling. Using a steak knife to do that is no fun and frankly takes way longer than it should. The Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-piece Knife Set was exactly what we needed.

These are 100 percent ceramic knifes made with the purest ceramic which makes them close to diamonds in hardness. Being ceramic also speaks to my eco-friendly tendencies. A huge bonus is that they will not leach metal ions either!

The knives  are so sharp and make chopping vegetables a breeze. The handle are ergonomic which means they feel really natural in your hand and they are light weight too so you won’t tire before you are finished. I love they will not rust because for some reason metals like knifes and graters tend to rust fast in my kitchen. Also, they will stay sharp up to ten times longer than traditional steel blades!

In the set there is a six inch chef’s knife, a five inch slicing knife and a three inch paring knife. As you might imagine the five inch slicing knife was very welcome at my chopping block. The knife feels so light in my hand and it cuts smoothly and easily through everything from tomatoes to oranges. It has cut our preparation time down greatly just because they are so easy to use and stay so sharp.

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