Sunday, April 14, 2013

Save Your Necklaces & Time With Necklace Saver

If you have ever had to sit and untangle your necklaces then you will want to hear about this great new product I've been trying! I don’t have a fancy way to store my jewelry and often things just get thrown together in tins since the small jewelry box I have is full. What that means is I end up with tangled and knotted balls of delicate chains.

Necklace Saver will keep that from happening. It’s really simple to use too. All you do is unclasp your necklace and hold the top end. Hold open the mouth of the Necklace Saver and insert your necklace into the tube. When the chain comes out the bottom of the tube you re-clasp the necklace and then tie the ends of the Necklace Saver together! Now your chain will not tangle with itself or your other chains.

It is made from organza and comes in lovely pastel colors. It is also available in two widths and two lengths so that most any necklace will fit perfectly. Another really neat things is that you can see through it which will make finding the necklace you want to wear easy.

My husband and I take weekend trips and it is hard to know which outfits I will actually use which also means it’s hard to know which chains to bring. Now I can easily bring a nice selection without them getting tangled in my weekend bag. This would also be ideal for longer trips when you will want to carry along and even broader selection.

Plus is works wonderfully as a way to keep your favorite go to necklace right in your nightstand without it getting lost or damaged on your other belongings. I don’t know about you but my nightstand drawer can be a scary place, especially if you are delicate chain.

They are available for $6.95 for one or $12.95 for two. For more information and to order a few of your own please visit 

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