Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Workhorse Really Works My Upper Body!

If you have been with me a while you know I put a lot of thought into my health and fitness. At the very least I walk every day rain or shine. However there is one area where I really need some work and that is my upper body. I live in a pretty rural area and there are no gyms around. In addition to that I just don’t have the space for a home gym.

What I needed was a way to work on my upper body that would give me a great workout and store easily in between uses. The answer to my problem was The Workhorse. When it first arrived I was a little intimidated because it was in pieces and I am not very good at building things. Thankfully it goes together really easily. You don’t even need tools! I had it together in under ten minutes.

Before you start you want to make sure the legs are locked into place. It is pretty easy to tell because the release buttons will snap into place when you have it set up right.  Now you put it on a level area and you are ready to start. I think the last time I did a pull-up I was in school, which has be a while. At first it was really hard for me, but that is because I have a very weak upper body. My husband who is already very strong had no problems at all. Pull-ups on the Workhorse are easier than a traditional pull-up which is great because I can get the upper body workout I need. I don't think I can do even one traditional pull-up. You will notice from the pictures that my husband likes to experiment with positioning to make a more challenging workout for himself and has no problem lifting his entire body weight.

For balance you can also do push-ups. There are handles for push-ups that stick out slightly from the base. All you have to do is flip over and start. I also struggled with that at first, but I am proud to say that after a few times I was able to do few sets with my knees off the ground, which is saying something for me.

What makes this extra special is that you can do these pull ups without needing an extra sturdy place to fasten a pull up bar. I am sure you have seen one or two videos of those pull-up bars gone terrible wrong. Since this rests safely on the ground you won’t have to worry about being the next star in a painful, embarrassing or even dangerous mishap video.

Another awesome feature is that when you are finished this folds totally flat so you can store it easily under your bed, in your closet and in any out-of-the-way place.

If you are looking for an easy to build, use, and store solution for upper body workouts the Workhorse is a brilliant solution. Please visit the Workhorse site for more details and to order your own. Also while you are on the site you can find workout videos and a wealth of information. You can also connect with the Workhorse on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. This looks awesome! Actually looks like something I could do!

  2. What a neat idea! I think that would great for our house!

  3. Awesome, I need that, our house is too small for the big gym equipment and this looks just right :)

  4. Thank you for the nice review of the WorkHorse Fitness Trainer. Hopefully they will read why they may need a pull-up bar and how my portable pull-up and push-up bar could be just the answer, especially if you are a women and can't do pull-ups.

  5. You can buy the Work Horse Fitness Trainer at a discounted cost with NO shipping at RocketHub!


  6. Hmm. I wonder whether you could use this as a barre for Fluidity or other barre workouts.