Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - For Him/Her - Lookie Lous

I am not ashamed to admit I need reading glasses if I am going to be reading anything even remotely smallish. What I am ashamed to admit is just how much time I can spend looking for my glasses! I have a seriously bad memory and lose a lot of things, but now I won’t have to worry about my reading glasses anymore. 

Lookie Lous are reading glasses that are also headbands. That is so beyond perfect me because I also hate my hair in my face and wear headbands everyday. Now my glasses are always as close as my head and I don’t lose them anymore. Big bonus - no hair in my face. 

In addition to this ingenious design that makes your readers, your headband and your headband your readers, Lookie Lous come in different colors that are specialized for certain reading conditions. How cool is that? I was lucky enough to get to try them in all of the colors and can honestly say the colors do make a difference, aside from looking extra fabulous.

The clear is a classic clear poly-carbonate reader, which also offers UV protection. These are barely noticeable when on the face or in the hair and as such are perfect for all hair colors and face frames. These are great for everyday readers and the ones I keep on my head the most often for ease of use.

The New York black classic black readers are designed for bright sun reading. These are great for reading outside on a lovely bright day, which I love to do! They are not recommended for indoor or night use. Being black they look fabulous on anyone and match everything as well. 

You all know I adore anything pink and that is why the Paris Pink are my favorite color wise. These are designed for computer reading, which just happens to be where I do most of my reading. Rose colored lenses block out blue or hazy light, which can be helpful for late nights on the laptop - like those all night twitter parties I‘ve been know to attend. Beside that they are pink… and every woman needs a pair of rose colored glasses. 

Los Angeles sand is the darkest of the colors. It is a deep brown also for outdoor reading. The color brown adds some depth perception on low light day and  on a bright sunny day, they will enhance your surroundings. These are not recommended for inside as they are too dark.

London Gray like the clear is an all purpose lens. They are a lovely smoke like gray that can be used for indoor or outdoor reading/tasking. They offer the least color distortion from a tinted lens. Also being a neutral color they look fabulous on everyone and go with just about everything too. 

As you can see all the colors have a purpose and each one looks just fabulous on. I recommend one of each or at the very least one indoor, one outdoor and the pink for computers. I have seriously had a pair on my head everyday since they arrived. They are so fabulous looking and functional - plus like I said at the start, I never lose my reading glasses anymore. 

Another part of the design that I just adore is that they don’t have any hinges, so there is nothing to tug your hair. Anyone who wears glasses knows that pushing them up on your head can result in some hair loss, but not with these, that is good work that is. 

To order and read the full detail please visit the Lookie Lous website.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. Once you get done come back here because Lookie Lous has offered two lucky readers the chance to win a pair of their own! Please use the rafflecopter below to enter. Open to US residents 18 and older. Winners have 48 hours to respond before another winner is drawn. 
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  1. the london Gray would be great!

  2. I would love to have a pair of clear ones to ride on our motorcycle at night :)

  3. I would probably use the clear the most.

  4. I would like the los angeles sand

  5. I would like the New York Black and use it most