Friday, February 14, 2014


While I am a girl who loves her modern conveniences, there will always be a special place in my heart for renaissance fashions. There used to be such attention to detail in the designs that is missing from the cookie cutter clothes of today. I have seen some specialty clothes offered at prohibitive prices before, but today I have some wonderful news to share. I found HolyClothing, who makes beautiful, handmade, romantic clothing at prices so reasonable I will be getting more than one!

The range is awesome too. They have everything from extremely fancy dresses to simply lovely everyday shirts. They offer long and short sleeves and skirts, and the range of colors is really breathtaking. Speaking of the colors these are hand-dyed using a vintage-wash process. What that means is each piece has a gorgeous, unique depth and contrast. The pieces are ethically handmade in India with an attention to detail that is truly amazing.

After hours browsing the site I was  able to narrow my choice down to the Green Jade Miranda Floral Lace Up Medieval Gothic Bustier Corset Top. I picked  this because in addition to being the most beautiful top I have seen it is also designed  in a way that I felt would wear well for dress or casual so I could get a lot of use out of what has became my favorite new top.

The Gothic, renaissance style is so romantic and every part of the top is filled with detailing. There are laces that run up the chest and also on both of the flared cuffs of the 3/4 sleeves. There is absolutely beautiful Gothic Floral lace-embroidery on the front of the shirt and lace trim around the cuffs, hem, neckline and in bands at the elbows.

The material is viscose, which I had never heard of before but I can tell you it is softer than cotton and feels just lovely on. It says you can machine wash in cold water on delicate and hang dry. I am sure you can, but with all of the special detailing I decide to hand wash mine in cold with gentle soap and had no issues at all with shrinking or fading.

I feel like a princess every time I put on this top, even with a pair of jeans, as pictured. Every woman I stopped to talk to had something to say about my beautiful top and wanted to know where they could get one as well. That is the kind of attention I eat up, don't you?

If you also love romantic clothing I highly recommend you browse the selection at HolyClothing. I know you will be amazed by the variety, quality and fantastic prices. You can also connect with HolyClothing on their facebook page to stay up to date with new styles, specials and even giveaways.

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. This top is so pretty. The green is a striking color! You look so adorable in it! I just love this picture of you! I would wear a shirt like this because it is so pretty.