Monday, March 10, 2014

Mill Creek Entertainment / Bewitched Season 1 & 2

I don’t think I am the only one who would say they sure don’t make television like they used to. I find nothing more relaxing than an afternoon watching classic television. Even a show about a witch like, Bewitched was just pure innocent fun. Thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment you can get shows like Bewitched for a fabulous value in great sets like the one I have which has both seasons one and two of Bewitched. 

I have probably already seen every single episode at least once but I had forgotten a lot, especially from the first episodes in these early seasons. For many of them, it was like watching them for the first time. In the set of six discs are the first seventy four episodes, which will provide you with hours laughter, and if you are like me it will bring back a lot of childhood memories. Even just hearing the opening and closing music makes me smile.

The episode where Darrin meets Endora for the first time had me and my husband laughing out loud. I love Endora and all of the hilarious chaos she starts for 'what’s his name.' Speaking of what’s his name, Dick York is just perfect in this role, he will always be Darrin to me. His facial expressions really are awesome. But the star of course is Elizabeth Montgomery and when I was little I wanted  to be a witch just like Samantha. I wasn't alone either, many of my friends tried to master the nose wiggle. 

The series is filled  with warm, unforgettable characters like the nosy neighbor Gladys, Aunt Clara, and Uncle Author.  I think Gladys is my favorite of the supporting characters, always yelling for her husband Abner who never seems to look in time to see the witchcraft  at work. Plus there are numbers fabulous single episode characters, like Greta Chi who plays a cat that gets turned into a lady in the season one episode Ling-Ling. She did an awesome job playing a fun role.  

Do you have a favorite episode? Are you looking for some great television to watch? If you are looking for something new to watch you can browse the full selection of titles from Mill Creek Entertainment on their website. You will find everything from family and classics, to horror and sci-fi! Make sure you stay connected with them on Facebook and Twitter too so that you never miss a new release.

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  1. They certainly do not make TV shows like they used to, and Bewitched is one of my favorite TV shows that I still watch on TV in reruns. I would love to get this for myself, so I can watch it whenever I want!