Thursday, March 20, 2014

New From Clean & Clear

There really is one name that comes to mind when I think about clearing up acne and that is Clean & Clear. I used it when I was younger and my daughter used and still uses it. I imagine my grandkids will use it too and that is because they have consistently put out the most effective products available at the shop.  I love that they have kept evolving too and offer more than just acne solutions.

I recently had the chance to try a few of their  newest products, some for acne treatment and some from their regular skin care lines. Even at my age I do still get the occasional acne outbreak, right alongside my fine lines, which doesn't seem fair but happens, nonetheless. I am always looking for something new and gentle to help me when that happens. I tried two products from the Advantage line from Clean & Clear. 

The first thing I tried  was the Advantage 3-in-1 Exfoliating cleanser. This works in two ways, first it cleans with micro-beads to remove dirt and dead skin, unclogging pores to help prevent acne in the first place. It also treats the acne you already have with Benzoyl Peroxide. It is a creamy cleanser and has a slight medicinal scent that doesn't linger. You can use this twice a day, I did it before makeup and again at the end of the day to wash all of the day's makeup and dirt away.
If you want to spot treat you can use the Advantage Spot Treatment which surprised me because  you really do see result in a few days. This uses Salicylic Acid and is gentle enough that I didn't have and dry spots or peeling in the areas I used it on. I get acne, usually once a month in small spots and this is perfect for that since I don’t always need an all over solution. It is the texture of a gel and blends all the way in, plus you can use this up to four times a day.

Up next were two new items from the popular Morning Burst line design for teens. This line was originally facial care and has expanded to body wash. They have fantastic beads suspended in the washes that burst when you use it giving you a little extra something from fruit extracts to vitamins. I was able to try a body wash and also a facial cleanser. 

The first I tried was the Morning Burst Body Wash BOOST in Mango & Papaya scent. I gave it the initial sniff test and just fell in love with sweet fruity scent. Fruits scents are so great for waking up and getting going. What is really cool and different about this body wash is that it has soft  beads with fruit extracts that burst when you use it to give you an extra boost. I loved  the amount of lather and how clean and refreshed it left me feeling.

Last, I tried the Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. The bursting beads in this face wash had extra vitamins. This formula is enriched with vitamin C and Ginseng to awaken and refresh your  skin as well as gently clean it. It has a fresh citrus soap scent and I loved  that it rinsed clean and didn't leave a film. What I love most about the Morning Burst products I tried was the scents. They are perfect for shaking off the sleepy morning fog and getting going.

Have you looked at what is new from Clean & Clear lately? They have an awesome selection of skin care products designed with teens and their skin care issues in mind. You can find out more about these and all of their  lines on the Clean & Clear website and you can connect with them on Facebook to stay up to date with news and new products.

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. I have used Clean and Clear products for years, and I really like the body burst body wash. It smells so good. I have used the acne treatments and they really work. I want to try the morning burst facial cleanser!