Friday, May 30, 2014

Organize with YouCopia

As you may know, my husband and I were recently introduced to the wonderful world of hot tea. I know we are a little late to the game but better late than never, right? All of you tea lovers out there know how fast tea boxes stack up and in their original containers, there really isn't a nice way to store them. Thanks to YouCopia, I now don't have a pile of tea boxes!

YouCopia offers organization solutions for kitchens. From their line, I got the chance to try the TeaStand and I am so excited to share it with you guys! The TeaStand has 12 removable storage bins that are the perfect size for teabags. Another plus is that they are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning your TeaStand a breeze! I found that 8-10 tea bags fit in each bin so you can easily store 100+ teabags with this. The neutral colors also mean that it won't clash with any kitchen theme you may have.

The TeaStand measures 10.8" D,  4.9" W, and 8.6" H, so it easily fits anywhere you want to put it in your kitchen! The small size means it certainly takes up less space than all of your current tea boxes. I was able to fit in all of my individually wrapped teabags and even a few sample packs of teabags. Not all teabags are individually wrapped so I would be aware of the tea you purchase. I wasn't able to put all of my tea in it because of this reason. I was only left with two boxes, which easily fit behind my TeaStand though. I love being able to pull out my TeaStand and have all of my tea easily accessible. It is much better than digging through boxes. It looks better too!

I took pictures of my tea storage before and after and the difference is quite obvious. Instead of having a haphazard pile of boxes, I have an nice, neat tea area. You can see I didn't have much room to store my tea and the TeaStand easily fit in the small area. Finding the tea I want is much easier now and I don't have to worry about a box getting shoved in the back and being forgot about. Anyone that has multiple kinds of tea on hand really needs to have this in their life and in their kitchen!

I love my TeaStand and I know you will too. YouCopia also has solutions for spices, K-Cups, Nespresso capsules, Starbucks Pods, and baking supplies. I can't wait to try more of their storage solutions! Be sure to head over to the YouCopia website and see all of their storage solutions for yourself. Also, follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you never miss anything!

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  1. I am THE most unorganized person in the world. I got myself a spice organizer from YouCopia - it's great, everyone needs products like these. (Some of us more than others, of course!)