Sunday, May 11, 2014

Red Heart Reflective Yarn Arm Cuffs & Newsboy Hat

Where are my crafters? Have a seat I have some fun yarn to tell you about. Red Heart has all sorts of awesome yarns but the new reflective yarn is too neat!

As soon as my husband saw it he asked me to make him some arm cuffs that he could wear on his early morning bike ride to work.

This yarn is so soft and easy to work with. I started on his project right away. I knitted a simple k2p2 ribbing so that it would stretch over his jacket easily. 

The project was finished in one afternoon and he was so very impressed with how consistent the reflection was throughout the yarn. 

Completed with flash on.

Completed with flash off.

Up next I wanted to make myself a hat. Something that would be as much fun as the yarn. 

Start with a magic circle and dc in it 12 times. Join the round with a slip stitch. 

Row 2-  Ch 1.  Skip the next 2dc in next space and 2dc in every space around.  Sl st into top of next dc to join round (24)

Row 3- Ch 2. 3dc into same space between posts.  *Skip 2 posts and 4dc in space between posts.  Repeat from * around.  Sl st into top of ch2 to join round. (48 )

Row 4- Sl st into the next (loop) sp. Then sl st in the space between the next two posts (so that you are in the center of the 4dc cluster with two posts on either side). Ch2 and then 3dc into same space. *Skip two posts and 1dc in the space between posts. Skip two posts and 4dc in the space between posts. Repeat from * around. Sl st into top of the ch2 to join round(24)(12 4dc clusters 12 single dc)

Row 5-11  Sl st into the next space.  Then sl st into the space after the next post.  Ch2 and 3dc in same space.  *Fpdc in the next single dc of previous round.  4dc in between next two posts (in between 4dc cluster of previous row).  Repeat from * around.  Sl st into ch2 to join round.

Row 12- *1sc in each of the next three spaces.  sc2tog  in next space. Repeat from * around.  Join round with sl st.  <48>

Row 13-14 Sc around, join round with sl st <48>

Brim done with two strands:
Sl st into first space with second color and pick up second strand of the same color. Crochet across as follows: 1sc in each of the next 6 spaces, 1hdc in each of the next 6 spaces, 1sc in each of the next 6 spaces, 1sl st

Turn and crochet across as follows:
1sl st in first space, 1sc in next space, 2sc in next space, 1hdc in next space, 2hdc in next space, 1dc in next space, 2dc in next space, 1dc in next space, 2dc in next space, 1dc in next space, 1dc in next space, 2dc in next space, 1dc in next space, 2dc in next space, 1dc in next space, 2hdc in next space, 1hdc in next space, 2sc in next space, 1sc in next space, 1sl st in next space to end. Fasten off and weave in ends.

I encourage you to visit Red Heart and Coats and Clark online to see all of the great supplies they offer and make sure to browse around all of the free patterns for inspiration and ideas for your next project.  Look for supplies from the whole Coats and Clark family at your local craft stores as well as online. You can also connect with Red Heart on Facebook and Twitter for fun promotions, new products, free patterns, and promotions.

Disclosure: Red Heart provided the fabulous yarn to make these projects. 


  1. The hat is adorable, I would definitely wear it and you could make it in so many different color combinations. I'm thinking a pink one would be super cute!

  2. The hat that you made is so nice. I have a gray hat that I bought that someone knitted and it is my favorite hat. I like wearing hats, and I think that this hat is made very well by you. I like the Flash on or off! The cuffs you made for your husband turned out great.

  3. I am going to copy this and one day when I get some more yarn try this out. That hat turned out so cute and I think I understood your directions with it as well. I have only done afghans and some potholders but would like to try this

  4. Ah, that is such a cute hat! I love the light and dark green color combination you used. It is so cool that you can create these things from yarn! I think it is something I could catch onto... maybe. ;)

  5. I'm a huge fan of the color green, I like your homemade, unique, cool hat. I don't know how to knit, but I admire those who can.

  6. So beautiful!! You did a great job and the color is wonderful!!

  7. OK, you got my interest! I hadn't heard of this reflective yearn before, but I think it's great to make something for the kids with. Your hat came out adorable (and you're adorable in it!). You do such nice work!

  8. I love this yarn. It's so pretty! Great hat!