Friday, June 6, 2014

RW Garcia

Chips are my favorite salty snack. Plain, with dip, bold, mild; I don't care. I am an equal opportunity chip eater. I recently got the chance to try a type of chip I have never heard of or seen before. Tortatos by RW Garcia are half potato chip, half tortilla chip and are just as cool as they sound. They have an excellent crunch and their oval shape makes them great for dipping. You don't have to dip them to have a great snack though! They are delicious and flavorful on their own!

The first two flavors we tried were Original and Salt & Pepper. The Original flavor is light salted and great for dipping. Since I like less salt than most, I was a fan of these on their own. According to my husband, these taste like "a tortilla chip but better". The Salt & Pepper flavor was great too. I was a little worried it would be overwhelming on one of the two spices, but it had a great balance and really added something special to a dip. I enjoyed these most with a roasted garlic hummus. So good!

The last two kinds of Tortatos we tried were Barbecue and Salt & Vinegar. Barbecue was my favorite flavor of the four. They were bold and delicious. A little sweet and a little salty. The balance was perfect and these didn't need a dip to be a great, flavorful snack. The Salt & Vinegar was my husband's favorite flavor. He said that the vinegar flavor was really strong and he loved it. I really liked them too. They were quite vinegary but not too overwhelming. 

From RW Garcia's line, we also tried the Dippers and MixtBag tortilla chips. The Dippers, which we got in the Veggie flavor, were my absolute favorite chips from the whole batch. They are made of three different flavors: Spinach & Garlic, Red Beet and Onion, and Carrot and Tomato. These were so good! I liked to eat these with a plain hummus so the spices in the chip could shine. The MixtBag had yellow and blue tortilla chips. We all liked these and they were great for dipping. They were lightly salted and just delicious!

We really enjoyed all of the different chips we tried from RW Garcia and I recommend them to anyone that just wants a simply delicious chip! On top of being delicious, they are all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, as well as additive and preservative free! They are a great chip that is easy to eat and easy to feel good about eating! Be sure to check out RW Garcia's website and see their whole line. Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you don't miss out on any news!

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  1. These chips look amazing and I bet they are delicious. I would like to try the Carrot and Tomato with Hummus. I like having chips as a snack and these I have never had. Great product for me to try.