Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sojos 100% Raw Freeze Dried Treats

Doggy parents gather around! I have something very special to tell you about! If your dogs are like mine, they really look forward to treat time. In fact, since we have developed a sort of ritual. During certain times of the day, they often come around just to remind me that I forgot it was treat time! 

You know I like to eat naturally, and I try to feed my babies natural as well, so when Sojos asked if we wanted to try their new treats I was so excited! We have tried Sojos in the past and I have loved them because of the wholesome raw ingredients, while all of the dogs loved them because of the awesome taste - I assume that from the way they reacted eating them, I didn’t eat them myself! 

The new treats are Simply Meat Treats and, as the name suggests, they are made with just meat! Honestly, they are one hundred percent raw freeze-dried meat. Seriously they are single-ingredient, meat treats. What dog wouldn't love that? They come in three puppy pleasing varieties Beef, Lamb or Turkey and they really are just beef, lamb and turkey! 

You can tell by looking at them they are just meat and you can tell by the way the dogs act when I even touch the bag that they are delicious! These are certainly something my dogs love and since I know they are a pure, wholesome treat I don’t mind tossing them an extra one just because. 

If you are looking for something you can feel great about feeding your pets and that they will love, you should head over to the Sojos site and look at the varieties. In addition to dog treats, they also have dog food and even cat food and catnip! Make sure you follow Sojos on Facebook and Twitter too so you never miss a new product! 

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.


  1. I like getting healthy dog treats for my dog too. It makes me feel better when I know that my Dog's treats are made in the USA. I know my dog would love these as much as yours does.

  2. These meat treats by Sojos look so good my 3 dogs would love to eat these. They would help with my training them when out walking to respond with the treat.