Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Minties Dental Treats

Hello again pet parents! Have you ever tried to brush your dogs teeth? I did once, only once, a long while ago. Every one involved didn’t care for the process. Thankfully it is a bit easier to get dogs to brush, that is kids, most especially when you have a brushing treat that they love.

Minties Dental Treats are vet grade dental treats that help to clean teeth, freshen breath, and remove plaque and tarter! These awesome little dental treats are made with natural freshening ingredients including alfalfa, parsley, fennel, dill and peppermint! I sure love all that breath freshening power for my stinky breathed friends.

What is really great about having a brushing treat like this is that the dogs will actually remind you it is time to brush. In fact, they really have come to look forward to it. These dental treats come in sizes designed for certain weight ranges. My babies needed to try the medium and large sizes, which looked the same expect one is just a bit bigger as you might have expected. Of course, the smaller dogs did notice that Patches seemed to get more but then again my gentle giant always takes more time to savor her snacks than the youngsters do. 

I also really love that they are made in the USA with no wheat, soy or corn. If you have struggled with a way to get your dogs teeth clean then I recommend you visit the Minites site, they have a great deal information about these treats. You can also connect with Minties on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Your dogs are so cute!! I won a Milo Dog Treats and $25 Visa giveaway, and gave my dog some of these treats last night, and he went nuts for them. My dog has tried the Minties dental treats. They helped his teeth and made his breath smell better.

  2. Love the photo! My dogs have tried these and they love them.

  3. Cute dogs. My dogs would surely like these, they will usually eat almost anything I give them.

  4. This is great, my dog would love this.

  5. My dog will not for the life of her eat any kind of dental treats I wish she did because she has bad breath at least every one else says. I think she is fine.