Friday, August 15, 2014

Modern Baby Yarn from Lion Brand Yarns

Hello crafters! I hope you are having a great week. I have been steadily working on several projects from scarves, hat and shawls, to bigger things like blankets and even a jacket. You know I get totally excited about yarn, especially when I find something new that is awesome to work with.

I have a wonderful new yarn to tell you about today. Modern Baby from Lion Brand Yarns is a fifty fifty blend of Acrylic and nylon in a light 3 weight. This yarn was my first experience with nylon and I must say I will certainly be looking for more. It has a lovely amount of stretch that makes it perfect for hats, especially when my recipient isn’t near by and I need a flexible fit.

I think what I loved most was that it seems to be wound better than any other yarn I have used. It almost looks braided and, as such, it never ever even thought about splitting. You will get pretty perfect stitches every time. The hat pictured was made using shade Grey and the other shade pictured is a lovely bright green called Chartreuse. 

As I suggested before, I used this to make a hat for a dear friend and was really playing it by eye so I have no tried and true pattern but you can find my untested notes below. I used an arching stitch to give the hat a bit of personality. Since this is so flexible and not prone to splitting or fuzz I think it would be perfect for making baby clothes as it seems like the kind of yarn that will keep up with the wear and tear, as well as washings. Speaking of washing, you can wash this in the washer and even put it in the dryer on low.

I have found Lion Brand yarn at my shops and if you, like me, don’t have many craft supply options you can visit Lion Brand online and purchase their great yarns online. While you are there look around because they have a lot of great yarn art resources, including some stunning free patterns You can also follow Lion Brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Hat pattern notes:

Use your favorite pattern for the start of the beanie, used a twelve HDC with a 12 increase per round until desired size. 

Arch Pattern: Is done in multiples of 7, if you want to start a whole pattern in it use 7+3. Row 1 wrong side DC in 4th chain and in next ch, ch2, *SK next 2 chs, DC in next 5 chs, ch 2: repeat from * across to last 5 chs, skip next 2 chs, DC in last 3 chs. 

Row 2 Ch 3 turn; 6 DC in next ch2 space * Skip next 2 DC, work FPdc around next DC, 6 DC in next ch 2 space; repeat from * across to last 3dc, skip next two DC in last DC. 

Row 3 Ch3 turn; DC in next 2DC, ch2, * Skip next 2 DC, DC in next 2DC, work BPDC around FPDC, DC in next 2 2 DC, ch 2; repeat from * across to last 5DC, skip next 2 dc, DC in last three DC.  

Row 4 Ch3 turn; 6 DC in next ch2 space, * skip nect 2 DC, work FPDC around BPDC, 6 DC in next ch2 space, repeat from * across to last 3 DC, skip next two DC, DC in last DC. 

Repeat row 3 & 4 for pattern. 

When you get the desired length finish with one row of HDC and one row of SC.

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  1. This is such pretty yarn with soft colors to knit or crochet for baby or a small child. My niece would look so cute in this hat. The colors are so pretty, and I bet that it is not hard to make!