Monday, October 27, 2014

Beginners Guide to Thread Crochet from Leisure Arts

Howdy crafty readers! As you know, I have been expanding my crochet experience and in doing so I really wanted to try some of the more delicate things. To do that I needed some thread, steel hooks, and some kind of thread starter patterns. 

My thread and hooks are here and waiting and as I knew they would, Leisure Arts had the perfect book to get me started, Beginners Guide to Thread Crochet. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but, one of the things I really love about shopping the eBooks at Leisure Arts is that as soon as I order it, I have it. I can be rather impatient so not having to wait for something to ship is a huge bonus for me. 

The first half of the book gives detailed instructions for working with thread, and also crochet in general, which makes this a great tool for someone who might not be versed in crochet at all. The part on blocking was really interesting to me because I have never made anything yet that needed blocking and was really intimidated by the whole process. 

After you have brushed up and are ready to start, you will find projects in the last half of the book. There are several for making edgings that are so delicate looking, yet were easier than I expected. These reminded me so much of grandmas pillow case edgings and more modern edging seen on hems of shorts. A lovely edging really gives something an elegant finished look. 

If you want to try your hand at some doilies there are a few patterns for that as well as some coasters, placemats and table runners. As you know from past posts, I just love the look of doilies. Of course, if you are feeling super ambitious you will find scarf, caplet, and shawl patterns that will really challenge you. I think I have a thread in mind for the Lyric Shawl shown on the cover, which is just beautiful. 

As with all the titles I have received from Leisure Arts, the patterns are written in easy to follow instructions and say what level they are so you know how challenging it will be before you start. Have you ever worked with thread? What types of things do you use thread crochet for?

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  1. The shawl on the cover is gorgeous. I wish I could crochet!

  2. I think starting out and making doilies would be a good beginners crocheting project. I like the look of homemade doilies. This looks like a really nice book for the biginner.

  3. The doilies are really gorgeous, I could think of a few places that I would use them.

  4. Those are lovely pieces. I like the detail, so feminine.

  5. Girls in my community group have learned to do this and want me to learn but I am nervous to even try.