Monday, December 22, 2014

MeasuPro Handheld Infrared Thermometer

There are some tools that are both super functional and super fun. The MeasuPro handheld infrared thermometer is one my husband and I both wanted for different reasons and both have had fun with as well.  Plus, now that we have it in hand, we are finding even more uses for it that we didn’t even think of before. 

It takes accurate readings using advanced laser technology to aim in various places with no direct contact necessary. I really love that this thermometer gives you the ability to measure moving targets and very hot surfaces with no contact needed. 

Depending on what you are comfortable reading, you can choose the mode as Celsius or Fahrenheit. The LCD display features a bright backlight which you can set to be on or off and is well contrasted so that it is easy enough to read, even for my tired eyes. It also has a red laser pointer that can be deactivated depending on your preference.

It is so easy to use too! All you do is press the trigger and then release so the temperature will display on the screen. It automatically holds the reading for seven seconds. You can locate a hotspot using this thermometer by moving it up and down randomly until the hotspot is located.

My husband wanted it for electric issues and I wanted it for cooking, both of which it works perfect for. We have also used it for home repairs this winter because our insulation in this old farmhouse is hit or miss and it was great for letting us know which sections needed more or had none at all. My neighbor suggested we use it for finding cold spots like on the SYFY TV show but I haven’t tried it for that yet. That just goes to show this can be many things to many people.

It really couldn’t be easier to use. Head over to Amazon where you can get your own MeasuPro handheld infrared thermometer.

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