Monday, January 12, 2015

My First Knitted Blanket

I have to admit this was started before I even learned how to crochet but not finished until after two crochet blankets!! I found knitting harder and I really am going to work on my knitting skills this year. This pattern was found in the back of the little learn to knit book I grabbed at Walmart. It came with needles and everything. 

I spent a lot of time working on it on the side porch...

And on the front porch...

It was made of six large squares which I did as two solid pieces and sewed together in the center.

To give it a more finished look I did a crochet border around the whole thing. I really love the density of knitted fabric and the fact it uses less yarn. I am so determined to get better at it!


  1. What a very beautiful blanket! It looks so pretty and I would love to have a crocheted blanket like this on my bed! You did a great job on this blanket!

  2. I absolutely love the colors. It turned out really pretty, I so wish that I had your talent.

  3. It looks great! Congrats! Wish Ihad the time and skill to do ssomething like this.