Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Can't Beleive I'm Loom Knitting from Leisure Arts

For Christmas, my husband surprised me with a large loom kit that has square and round looms and weavers. I have never loom knitted before and the last time I weaved, it was a small pot holder as a kid. I think we all made a few of those for our moms way back when. Needless to say, I had no patterns or no idea what to do with these cool new looms.

I'll give you one guess where I found the resources I needed... yep! You guessed it; Leisure Arts. They have a great selection of knitting books and, as I had hopped, they eve had some loom knitting books. I settled on I Can't Believe I am Loom Knitting because it seemed the most focused on beginners.

The first part of the book covers the tools you will need to loom knit and, thankfully, my kit included them all. After the tools, it gets straight into working on a round loom. It has clear instructions, great pictures, and fabulous projects designed for beginners. I like that when they explain a new technique they also give a new pattern to work with.

After the round you will find the same attention given to the flat looms. They even show you how to make cable, which you know I love, and iCords! Then they teach decreasing and that let them show you lace making as well! Lace making on a loom, how cool is that? Last there is a section for making short rows, which you may recall from my Tunisian review, are so great for shaping fabric. In all, you will find 18 projects for beginners and beyond. I really am amazed by all you can do with a loom... no more dropped stitches!!

Take some time to browse Leisure Arts' great selection and make sure you also connect with Leisure Arts on Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss a special or new pattern! Also, if you sign up for their knitting or crochet newsletters, you get a free pattern on Fridays!

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  1. Now I'm thinking this may be something even I could do. I love that the kit has everything you need included.

  2. I have always wanted to try loom knitting!

  3. I haven't done any loom knitting since that childhood pot holder!! This looks really cool. I think I'd like to try it since I'm already knitting, crocheting and quilting.

  4. I have made hats but would love to learn how to use the square looms and I already have some.

  5. I don't know a lot about loom knitting but I like what I have done. It's very relaxing and not much of a challenge for the way I've done it.