Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rippling Effects from Leisure Arts

If there is any one style afghan that I often daydream about making but still haven't found that perfect pattern it is the ripple. So many of my crochet friends rave about how easy the ripple is but there is always something that seems to catch my interest and distract me, thus, no ripple for me. 

What I need is the perfect ripple, one that I can't be distracted from. I found that perfect pattern in Rippling Effects from Leisure Arts. In fact, with the patterns I have added more than one to my hook it up list. In this book there are very unique patterns, with texture and looks that go beyond basic ripples. 

It took me a while to settle on the one to start with, but in the end, it was the interesting texture of the Rustic Ripple that won out. Ripples are the perfect easy afghan for beginners and are a relaxing project for more advanced crocheters. Some of these patterns are simply a row or two row repeat, which would make them the perfect carry along project because after a few rows the pattern would be committed to memory and even if you wanted to write it down it would be easy to do.

All of these patterns are easy to follow and there are even general instructions in case you need a refresher or help with some of the ideas that might be new to a newer crafter.

Have you made a ripple pattern before? What was it that drew you to that pattern?

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