Sunday, June 21, 2015

Free Infinate Twilight Hat and Cowl Set Pattern

Imagine how happy I was to see Red Heart had some new yarns in their Boutique line! I just love that line.. the whole thing. Infinity is a bulky #5 and Twilight is a super bulky #6 both are blends of acrylic, polyester, and nylon, with Infinity also having some wool and Twilight having metallic. You can find out more about these yarns and all the great yarns they carry on the Red Heart website- plus there are great free patterns as well.

They were both a joy to work with and the projects worked up fast. I was able to make both pieces of the set below with one ball of each, two balls total.  

To make the set I used:
Red Heart Boutique Twilight in the shade Romantic (this is my new favorite yarn ever EVER)
Red Heart Boutique Infinity in the shade Enchanted 
L 8mm Hook
P 11.5mm Hook

Textured Hat:

Hook L 8mm
Using Infinity yarn
Start with a Magic Circle

NOTE 1-6 are worked in the round without joining

R1 10 HDC in MC (10)
R2 2HDC in each (20)
R3 *HDC in next, 2HDCin next* repeat around (30)
R4 *HDC in next 2, 2HDC in next* repeat around (40)
R5 *DC in next 3, 2DC in next* repeat around (50)
R6 BPSC in each (50)
R7 2DC Cluster CH1 in every other stitch join with SLST (25 clusters) 
R8 Ch1 SC in same stitch, *2SC in CH1, SC in cluster* repeat around join with SLST (75SC)
R9 CH 1 3DC Cluster using BP of the next three SC, CH1, repeat around Join with SLST (25 clusters )
For help with how to work in the third loop please see this wonderful tutorial.
R10 CH1 HDC in same. HDC in every cluster and CH1  join with SLST in the third loop (50)
R11 CH1 DC in third loop of next stitch, working over last DC, DC in third loop of previous stitch (the one you joined in) *SK ST DC in third loop of next stitch, working over last DC, DC in third loop of skipped stitch* repeat to end. Join with SLST (50DC)
R12 CH1 BPDC is same ST, BPDC in every ST join with SLST(50BPDC)
R13 CH1 SC in same ST, *SK ST, SC, CH1* repeat (25 SC)
R14 SL into CH1 space, CH1 SC in that space, CH 1 *SC in next CH1 space, CH1*. Repeat around. Join with SLST
R15 SLST in next 9 stitches counting both CH1 and SC stitches. The next space should be a SC, HDC in that stitch and the next 30 stitches counting both CH1 and SC stitches (31 HDC)
R16 CH1 TURN DC in each HDC (31DC)
R17 CH1 Turn HDC in each (31HDC) 

Join Twilight Yarn anywhere and make a SC boarder row all the way around

Cut 6 strips of Twilight yarn I made mine 60 inches
Use three strips on each side. In the corner of the flap on each side string in the three strips and pull them through until they are even. Tie , you will now have 6 strands on each side (3 folded in half) braid loosely and tie the ends. 

Faux Knit Cowl

Hook P 11.5mm
Using infinity yarn
CH50 join in back hump of first with SLST
R1 CH1 HDC in same stitch and in the back hump of each chain (50HDC) DO NOT JOIN OR TURN
R2 HDC across using the third loops only. (50HDC) 
Repeat R2 until desired width.  I worked it until I had 5 ridges

Switch to Hook L 9mm and Infinity yarn 

Bottom: R1 Join in first HDC.. SC in all (50SC)
R2 CH1 SC in same ST, HDC in next, 3DC in next, HDC in next, SC in next, *SC in next, HDC in next, 3DC in next, HDC in next, SC in next* repeat around Fasten off

R1 Join in first HDC.. SC in all (50SC)
R2 CH1 SC in same stitch CH1, SK ST, *SC, CH1, SK ST* repeat around. 
R3 SL into CH1, CH1 *2SC in CH1, SK SC* Repeat    
R4 repeat R2
R5 repeat R3 

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  1. I so wish I could sew in some capacity! I have a handful of friends that do it, and they love it!