Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Truffled To Death by Kathy Aarons

There isn't much I like better than a good book (especially a mystery), a cozy bookstore, and some divine chocolate... unless, of course, you want to combine them all. That is exactly what Kathy Aarons did with Truffled to Death, the second part of the Chocolate Covered Mystery series.

From the back of the book:

Two best friends sell books and bonbons—and solve crimes—in this mystery from the author of Death Is Like a Box of Chocolates…

From the back of the book:

Hoping to sweeten sales for their shop, Chocolates and Chapters, Michelle and Erica host a reception highlighting a new museum display of ancient Mayan pottery curated by Erica’s former mentor, Professor Addison Moody. The evening has a few hiccups, but the ladies soon smooth things over with ample servings of wine and chocolate.

Yet with the sweet comes the bitter. The very next day, the antiquities from the reception are discovered missing. The professor accuses Erica of having sticky fingers, claiming she wants revenge on him. And she’s only in more trouble after he’s found stabbed to death with one of the artifacts. Now Michelle must help Erica track down the real killer before someone else finds themselves in less than mint condition…

My thoughts:

They really had me at the setting, I was totally in love, I mean really if my town had a shop even remotely like Chocolates and Chapters I would be there all day, everyday they were opened. What was even more endearing than the setting was the characters. They were so fabulously deep and realistic that I really did worry about them and their safety, which as you know makes a mystery a real page turner!

Even the background characters were interesting and there is so much more to learn about everyone, so I know I will be reading more parts, starting with part one. How I let that slip by to begin with, I don't know.

The mystery was well layered and kept me guessing until the end, and while I didn't guess who it was, I had thought they were shady and I felt like it all fell in to place making perfect sense. As I mentioned, it was a page turner and one that I devoured as quickly as my husband devoured the chocolates I made using the recipes found in the back of the book.

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