Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wedding Duress by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Hello mystery lovers, this week I am jumping into the Southern Circle mystery series with Wedding Duress, which is part ten. Weddings are always a stressful time but usually stressful in a good way. And while Tori has all of the good stress of her upcoming wedding to deal with, she also has the stress of figuring out if a tumble down the stairs for a local nanny was an accident or a murder. 

From the back of the book: 

Tori is ecstatic to become Mrs. Milo Wentworth in a few days, but she has a lot to do before she sashays down the aisle. Favors need to be sewn, vows need to be written—and a mystifying murder needs to be solved.

When Beatrice, a fellow member of the Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle, learns that her former nanny took a fatal fall in her new employers’ home, she suspects the death was not an accident. Now Tori’s spending her last days as a single woman untangling rumors and stitching together motives to find a killer. But can she nab a murderer and make it to the church on time?

My thoughts:

I have always wanted to sew, I have tried and even have a great sewing machine... it happens to hate me and thwarts all of my attempts. Thankfully, you don't have to sew to love this book (if you do sew there is some fun sewing tips and a pattern in the back). The sewing circle is filled with sweet and absolutely adorable ladies... and one who is not so sweet but somehow still endearing. I loved the focus on friendship almost as much as the mystery.

Speaking of mystery, it was so spot on. I really thought I had it figured out and then a few last details made me rethink and, in end, I was wrong but totally delighted. It was a lovely journey with great ladies that had me turning pages from start to finish. I look forward to my next visit to Sweet Briar and, in the meantime, there are nine other parts that I imagine are filled with the same Southern charm that I loved in this part. 

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