Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Death Under Glass by Jennifer McAndrews

Stained glass is so pretty and I so admired the glass in our local churches that I had one window in my craft corner done and it has made the whole room extraordinary. I wish I could design my own like Georgia Kelly, the heroine in Death Under Glass, book two in the awesome series, Stained Glass mysteries by Jennifer McAndrews,  

From the back of the book:

In the latest novel from the author of Ill-Gotten Panes, Georgia Kelly has made a home for herself and her stained glass business in Wenwood, New York. But not everything in the sleepy Hudson River town is as transparent as it seems…

While Georgia has come to love her new hometown, her stained glass windows haven’t exactly been raking in the dough. So when her best friend, Carrie, offers her the opportunity to create a made-to-order window for Wenwood’s latest bed and breakfast, Georgia jumps at the chance.

But when Carrie’s ex-husband’s office suddenly burns to the ground and Carrie’s own office and apartment are robbed, Georgia has to put down her glass and cutter to get to the bottom of the trouble. Carrie insists she doesn’t have enemies, but Georgia is determined to do everything in her power to find out who’s targeting her friend—and why—before anyone else’s life is smashed to pieces...

My thoughts: 

This was so much fun to read. I instantly bonded with Georgia and Carrie and felt so bad when Carrie's ex and his affairs dragged them into solving not only arson, but poor Carrie getting robbed at home and at her work, and of course murder.... there was some real palpable tension and suspense created in this cozy.

I was turning pages fast and furious and up for another all-nighter! The mystery was fun, tight and fully engaging. At the conclusion I was satisfied and on edge, knowing it was at an end and I will now have to wait patiently for the next part... and I am not patient! 

If you are looking for your next great mystery to read I recommend you grab this one as well as the first part, Ill-Gotten Panes! 

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