Friday, July 24, 2015

Justified Laboratories Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Kit

Being a tea drinker, coffee drinker, and a smoker, my poor teeth get put through the staining gamut. I am always looking for ways to whiten my teeth and keep my smile bright. Since I work in customer service, I feel that a warm smile is very important. Justified Laboratories offered me the chance to try their Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Kit and since I am not completely happy with my teeth, I had to say yes!

The kit I received came with instructions, a rubbery, flexible tray, a UV light, and 5 5mL syringes of whitening gel. The gel is 44% carbamide peroxide and has a nice minty flavor. You only need to use 1mL per use (0.5 on both the top and bottom) which means you get 5 uses per syringe. Since the 5 syringe kit is currently on sale for $35, it works out to $1.40 per use. They also offer kits with more, or less, syringes depending on how many you want.

My teeth are a little sensitive to begin with so I did experience a little more discomfort than my boyfriend did. My gums were white for about 10 minutes after application and my gums and teeth were both sensitive for about an hour afterwards. My after picture (bottom) is after two, 20 minute applications. I really like my results and I will definitely continue to keep using this kit and see just how white I can get my teeth!

My boyfriend's after picture (bottom) is after just one use. Between both of us, we experienced about one shade of lightening per use. His gums did not turn white nor did he experience any heightened sensitivity so I think it varies from person to person. You aren't supposed to get the gel on your gums, but it is almost impossible to do with the tray. Also, between the tray and light, your mouth is quite full for 20 minutes but it isn't uncomfortable and I prefer to do something while whitening to keep my mind of off it and help time pass.

Overall, both of us are happy with our results and we will both continue to use this kit and strive for even better results! You really can't beat the price for results after just one use! If you would like to learn more and pick up this Justified Laboratories Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Kit for yourself, you can do so on Amazon!

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