Thursday, July 2, 2015


So, my review is going to be a little different today. I have shared a little bit of my health journey with you guys and an important part of getting healthy is exercising and being active. I am not very imaginative when it comes to working out. I can't just conjure up a routine in my head and do it. That doesn't work for me. I like to be shown what to do, how long to do it for, and how to do it. In fitness, I am a follower more than I am a leader.

When I was offered the chance to try out Sworkit, I just couldn't refuse. It sounded like something that was right up my alley and that would help me stay motivated and reach my goals. I have never been one to work out or go to the gym so I don't know a bunch of different workouts. Luckily, Sworkit has a huge list of exercises and they include a video demonstration for each one. I have found this feature to be extremely valuable. 

You can create your own workout routine and only include the exercises that you want or you can choose from a bunch of premade, targeted routines. Everything from yoga to core to cardio routines are included and have premade routines to help you get moving. Also, on the home screen, there is a Fit in Five Minutes button that seems to be a randomized five minute workout if you want to try new things and see what you like. You can set goals for yourself and even keep track of how much you work out over different time periods. I also found that setting a reminder kept me coming back.

Within the routine you choose, you can customize the timing of each exercise, how long your rests are and how often they occur. I think this is great because not everyone, especially beginners, are physically fit enough to keep going without a rest period. During your routine, there is also a video demonstration playing and it has voice cues to let you know what your next exercise is.

I absolutely love this app and it has helped me tremendously. I love all of the features that are included and how expansive and customizable it is. Whether you have been working out for years, or are just getting started, I can see this being an invaluable resource. As with most apps, there is a "lite" version that you can try for free before you decide to purchase the full app and unlock all of the features. Sworkit and Sworkit Lite are available for Apple, Android, and Amazon and the full app is only $3.99! You can also learn more on the Sworkit website.

Disclosure: I may receive products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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