Monday, August 17, 2015

A Little Night Murder by Nancy Martin

I must admit I still do occasionally judge a book by it's cover, well at least judge if I want to read it or if I might push it to the bottom of my stack. I was instantly drawn to the cover of A Little Night Murder, part ten in the Blackbird Mystery Series, by Nancy Martin. I am so glad I was taken by the classy cover too! 

From the back of the book:

Nora Blackbird gets the scoop as she turns the spotlight on a killer in the latest from the author of Little Black Book of Murder....

While a pregnant Nora relaxes in her best friend’s Bucks County pool, she doesn’t have far to look for her next big story. A Broadway show is in rehearsal next door at the home of the legendary late composer “Toodles” Tuttle. His diva widow, Boom Boom, reigns over his estate with an iron fist. She has also racked up a chorus line of enemies, so the old broad’s death is a hotly anticipated event. But imagine everyone’s dismay when it’s her beloved daughter, Jenny, who drops dead just as the lights are set to go on for the lucrative new Toodles musical.

Eager to investigate, Nora must first deal with the dramatic interludes of her sisters’ love lives and also keep her cool during a visit from her mobster boyfriend’s mother. Only then can she finally bring the curtain down on a daring killer....

My thoughts:

Wow! There was so much going on here. I mean seriously a lot, in addition to the mystery there is all sorts of personal drama and intrigue and twists and twisted webs... lots of things. The characters are really interesting and I really do mean that in the plural and they make for unexpected things, especially the stunner at the end. 

One thing that I really loved, and was surprised by, was how fast paced this was. It is a bit longer than most cozies, at full hundred pages, but it really flew along at a beautiful clip and I was sad when I hit the last page. There was an excerpt at the end from the first part which sounds like just as much fun. I am off now to get my hands on a copy and I recommend you do the same. 

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  1. I also get drawn to a book sometimes by the cover. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes not so much!