Thursday, August 27, 2015

Living Wonders Color Art For Everyone

Welcome back crafters! Did you pick up your coloring books from Leisure Arts yet? If not, I am here to tempt you again with another fabulous adult coloring book title that they offer. In case you missed my last post, and for some reason haven't been bit by the coloring bug, I will give a fast refresher as to why you really need to.

We all have a little too much stress in our life and from the research I have read, coloring is apparently just as effective as mediation for unwinding. That was such awesome news for me, because I have tried to meditate but just can't fall into it. I can, however, easily fall into coloring. In addition to relaxing, coloring also helps to open up your creative side. Both my husband and I have been able to reabsorb into the arts that we love in new ways.

Okay, I know you want to hear about the coloring book! This week I have been coloring in Living Wonders Color Art For Everyone, which has twenty-four designs of living things such as butterflies and fish. It even has larger things like bears and the horse that I have been working on. The designs are so unique and intricate to color. I really love all of the line work.  

As with the other book I told you about, this one is printed on high quality paper that has easy tear pages so that you can use any medium without worry about it bleeding on the rest of the book. Plus, the pages are one sided, so no more picking which side of the page you like best. Remember that as a kid? Wasn't it awful when two awesome pictures were back to back? I'm so glad they were thoughtful enough to make these one sided, because I love them all. 

You really should go browse the coloring book section as they have added even more awesome new titles since the last time I was there. 

Take some time to browse Leisure Arts' great selection and make sure you also connect with Leisure Arts on Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss a special or new pattern! Also, if you sign up for their knitting or crochet newsletters, you get a free pattern on Fridays!

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