Monday, August 24, 2015

Murder on the Horizon by M.L. Rowland

As you may know, I am not the adventurous type. In fact I get all of my adventure from books. Which is why I was so pleased with the amount of adventure in my latest cozy mystery read, Murder on the Horizon by M.L. Rowland. This is the third part in the Search and Rescue Mystery series and one you will want to search out. 

From the back of the book:

The Search and Rescue mystery series returns readers to Timber Creek, where the hot, dry Santa Ana winds are blowing. But more than just the threat of wildfire endangers the tiny mountain community...

Gracie and her Search and Rescue teammates are searching along the highway in the middle of the blisteringly hot Mojave Desert when they make a grisly discovery—a trash bag containing human body parts. Not long after, Gracie's growing friendship with a ten-year-old runaway draws her unwittingly into the secretive, hate-filled world of the boy's family—a group of gun-toting extremists. As a wildfire roars into Timber Creek, Gracie finds herself caught up in an explosive plot that, unless she stops it, will destroy countless innocent lives

My thoughts:

I really liked Gracie she has a lot of spunk and, like me, isn't perfect, but is really good natured. Her great care for others was really evident in how she dealt with Baxter the little boy, who was also a great, if tragic, character. I also enjoyed reading about the dynamics of her family and Rob & Ralph. I do look forward to reading more about them all and finding out how things evolve.

As I mentioned before, there is adventure and it is so well written that you can catch yourself holding your breath. The well written action and pacing makes this a really unique style and something that stands out as special in the genre. I will certainly be back reading as well as looking out for the next installment. 

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