Friday, September 25, 2015

Ocean Wonders Color Art For Everyone

Okay pencils down! Who is coloring what this week? Tell me you are coloring something. I know you have heard me ranting about the benefits of coloring. I want you to know, I am not exaggerating a bit! I have such a restless mind and coloring soothes the savage stress beast in me.

I have been totally lost in ocean art thanks to Ocean Wonders Color Art For Everyone that I picked up from Leisure Arts. This part of the Color Art series also has intricate line drawings and these showcase exotic fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, sea horses, starfish and other ocean creatures, seashells, ships, and sailboats. The details are such that adults are easily able to lose themselves in the work of deciding what goes where. I almost feel entranced while I concentrate on what I want each part to look like finished. I know for certain when I am done I always feel relaxed.

I loved all the pictures so much it was hard to settle but one struck me as unique and so I had to start there. The picture I picked didn't have a white background it was already filled in black, as you can see, so my mind wondered to the deep sea and the mysterious things that live where the light doesn't reach. It was so much fun to daydream about while I colored. I watch a lot of nature documentaries and also science fiction movies, so the two collided in my mind as I played with color and shading.

This book, as with the other adult coloring books I have told you about from Leisure Arts, is printed on 8.5 inch x 10.875 inch sheets of premium paper. The paper really feels thick and sturdy. It is also printed on one side only and perforated for easy removal, so you can use whatever medium you wish (even the wetter ones) without worrying about it ruining the rest.

You know you want try you hand at creative coloring, so pull out your childlike imagination, get ready to relax and head over to browse Leisure Arts' great selection and make sure you also connect with Leisure Arts on Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss a special or new pattern! Also, if you sign up for their knitting or crochet newsletters, you get a free pattern on Fridays!

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