Tuesday, September 15, 2015

US Art Supply Small Canvas Panel Assortment Pack

I've been loving doing arts and crafts lately! I'm definitely not very artistically talented but it is still fun and relaxing! I got the opportunity to try out US Art Supply's Small Canvas Panel Assortment Pack and I decided to make something with my children for my mom. This set comes with 24 canvases: six 3"x5", six 4"x6", six 5"x7", and six 8"x10".

These canvases have wrapped edges, are acid free, and are flat which makes them super easy to store and frame. I used all six of the 5"x7" canvases for my project as well as: acrylic paints, some small hinges, and super glue. First, I picked two colors for each of my children and then painted 4 of the canvases those colors. I then took the two colors for my daughter and "splotched" them on one canvas. I did the same on the last canvas except used my son's colors.

Then taking the opposite color, I put a hand print and foot print on each of my children's canvases. On the "splotched" canvases I painted their names in black (which is harder than it sounds) and put two digits of the year on each, using the other siblings colors to tie them together. After everything was dry, I super-glued the hinges to the back of the canvases to hold them all together and make a movable desk or shelf decoration for my mom!

This project was super easy and fun to do with my children and the canvases performed very well and feel sturdy and well made! If you would like to get this US Art Supply Small Canvas Panel Assortment Pack for yourself, you can purchase it on Amazon where is it currently 50% off, making each canvas only $1.04!

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