Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Whimzees All Natural Dog Treats

You all know I view my dogs as part of my family, and, of course, Sam, the cat too. Today, I want to focus on something for my dogs. Just like with humans, it is important for dogs to have good dental health. I have tried a few toothpastes, which they all like to lick. but it didn't seem like they let me really get their teeth clean. 

Whimzees, takes all of the work, on my part at least, out of the equation, and the dogs can take care of their own dental hygiene.... Plus they actually love to do it. That is mostly because they think they are just getting a treat, and judging from their faces they are. My dogs eat treats in a rather ravenous manner, and it can be hard to find treats that will last more than a few seconds, which is why I was so happy to see that these actually took time to chew and they really seemed to love them.

What I love best is that they are made with vegetarian and gluten free ingredients! Plus, all of the ingredients are natural, even the dyes! There was not an ingredient on the list that I didn't recognize. It makes me feel good to give them something so wholesome. Plus, I think I may have mentioned the faces! I'll mention it again, there was no doubt as they sat with treat between paws, chewing intently, that they loved every minute.  

Whimzees comes in a lot of neat shapes and sizes, we were able to try the large toothbrushes. But I have to note, the alligator is adorable too and I will be looking for some of them next time I go shopping! 

Speaking of shopping, Whimzees are available at most pet supply retailers. Please visit their website for more details and to find a store near you! You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter

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