Saturday, October 17, 2015

Deluxe Cook V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

Being a vegetarian, I obviously cook with a lot of vegetables. Also, since I have a preference for fresh over frozen produce, I find my self in the kitchen a lot chopping up my veggies. Also, having two young children, they like it when their food is in different shapes. Apple "chips" are more fun than apple wedges, right? Because of all of this, when I was offered the chance to try out the Deluxe Cook V-Blade Mandoline Slicer, I couldn't say no! 

This mandoline slicer comes with four different cutter sizes and a little storage container for the three you aren't currently using. I really like that because I have a tendency to misplace things! There is also a hand guard included which I recommend you always use. These blades are super sharp and you will fly through your veggies and have your hand close to the blade before you know it. The sharp blade makes using this fast and efficient but it can also be dangerous without the hand guard.

The first two inserts are for different size slices, or chips. The sizes are 1.5mm and 3.5mm. These inserts don't have blades on them but vary in thickness to provide the different sizes. I like to use the thinner one to create crunchy veggie chips which you can eat raw, fry, or bake in the oven. The thicker one is great for my children. They love their apple "chips", which I just serve raw. You can also use this for making stir-fry veggies!

The next two inserts have little blades on them arranged in a "v" shape. These create two different sized julienne slices: 3 x 3mm and 6 x 6mm. The smaller one is great for hashbrowns and salad veggies and the bigger one is perfect for making snacks or veggies for meals. Yet again, these blades are very sharp so please always use the hand guard!

I love my Deluxe Cook V-Blade Mandoline Slicer! It is super easy to use and even easier to clean! I have gotten so much use out of it and it has cut some of my meal prep times in half! If you would like to try this out for yourself, you can purchase your own on Amazon!

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