Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Take the Purina ONE 28 Day Challenge #ONEDifference

You all know I love my dogs like family and as such, I would do anything in my power to make them happier and healthier. When I was asked to take the 28 day challenge to see what changes, for the better, I would notice in babies I was pretty excited.

The most exciting part to me was that Purina SmartBlend True Instinct is nutrient dense food, with the main ingredient being real chicken - not fillers. In fact, they don't use fillers like corn, wheat, or soy in the blend.

We had a hilarious first week as we tried to slowly and responsibly transition the dogs. We started by adding a little to their regular food intending to add a little more every day until after a week they would be eating all Purina ONE. The dogs, of course, had other ideas.

The first day we noticed that there was food on the ground around the bowl, which is unusual because none of our four dogs are messy eaters. The next day we watched what was happening. Every singe one of them was picking out the pieces of the old, regular, food and spitting onto the ground beside the bowl! They were not willing to transition slowly. They only wanted the new food, the Purina ONE, and that speaks volumes.

Our dogs have always been responsible eaters so we typically feed them from one of those bowls where you pour in a lot and they eat at leisure. It took them a few days to realize this was now their food and not a treat, which had us worried we might need to get regular bowls. I am happy to say they did start to eat responsibly again.

As the days wore on, I noticed they all seemed more vibrant and willing to play, even when we were not outside with them, they were playing with each other. It was awesome to see that change. I am going to assume that is because the Purina ONE has 30% protein to support energy.

Another change we noticed, in addition to them having more energy and seeming to be more engaged with each other, was that their coats looked better; thicker even. Now, I can't swear that was all the food because it is Fall and their coat could be seasonally thickening. However, that wouldn't account for the extra sheen.

What changes could you see in your dogs in 28 days? I know I have a lot of readers with furry kids so I want to share the link with you where you can sign up for the 28-day challenge and receive a $3 coupon that you can use to start your challenge. You can also like Purina on Facebook and follow Purina ONE on Twitter.

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