Thursday, December 17, 2015

Aurorae Has Your Last Minutes Gift Needs

If you are like me you probably still have people on your list to buy gifts for. Thankfully with two day shipping on Amazon and the wide range of selection from Aurorae the options are vast. The Aurrorae Spa line has options for all of yogi friends as well as options that will make anyone happy.

I've never met a woman who did not love candles, scented candles preferably. For that matter all the men I know always comment on how nice my candles make my house smell. The Aurorae Spa line has candle in a variety of options.   

The soy pledge candles come in 6.8 ounce, 26 ounces, or tea candles that burn 6-7 hours. I think the tea candles would be a perfect gift as they would turn any bath time in to a relaxing meditative time. While the larger 26 ounce candles are wonderful for scenting the whole house, as I need to do often since I have a lot of dogs. 
For this holiday season I ended up with my own 6.8 ounce pledge candle. These are the perfect size for meditations and even room scenting. I love that they are soy, which makes them renewable and free from the carcinogens that can be found in other candles. It helps you to breath easier knowing that the lovely scent in your space isn't toxic. 

They come in fifteen scents and are designed to help you focus on a state of mind. What a scent makes us think if is all very personal so I recommend you use your own experience when choosing which scent to guide your intents with. The scents are gentle and soothing, I love that they are strong enough to give you the desired effect, but not overpowering. It only takes about five minutes for the scent to fill your space as well which is a great time, as that is usually about how long it takes me settle in and push away the world. I also really like the tin they come in. In addition to it being recyclable you don't have to worry about shattering as I have had happen with glass candle jars. 

If you are looking for something truly unique I also had the great pleasure of try the Yoga Mat Flip Flops! Seriously how cool is that? It is a dreamy comfortable feeling for your feet as you might imagine, probably more so than you imagine. These are the most comfortable flip flops I have ever worn, and being from Florida I have logged many hours in flip flops. 

They are made from yoga mats, and extra thick so you get all the same support and comfort that you get from your mat. There is also a vegan friendly strap that is lined with comfort in mind. You get the same eco friendly, toxin free safety that you get with the Aurorae mats too. And let me mention again they are comfortable, the extra thick foot bed is so cushy.

Please hurry though so you can get your last minute gifts shipped in time! As an aside I will personally be giving pledge candles to the hostess of the New Years party I am attending too, so make sure you order extra candles because they make lovely thank you gifts for all the hostesses and people who make your holiday season special.

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