Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Iced Princess by Christine Husom

I adore curiosity shops! Mostly because they have a relaxed atmosphere and also you just never know what you will find. In Iced Princess by Christine Husom, even a murder mystery can be found alongside a cup of cup of coffee, from the adjoining shop. The second part in the Snow Globe Shop Mystery series is not to be missed.

From the back of the book:

The national bestselling author of Snow Way Out returns with more sparkling snow globes and cold-blooded murder...

It’s that time of the year again—the Christmas rush is about to begin, and curio shop owner Camryn Brooks and her BFF, coffee shop owner Alice “Pinky” Nelson, need to hire additional help. Their former high-school classmate, Molly Dalton, is not exactly who they had in mind. Has the rich socialite worked a day in her life? But Molly practically begs for the job.

On her first day, Molly seems to be in her own little world, and Cami worries that her new employee may flake out. The problem turns out to be far worse than that when Cami discovers Molly dead in the back of the shop, after drinking a poisoned cup of coffee. Soon there is an avalanche of suspects as Cami starts shoveling through the clues—including a shattered snow globe of Marilyn Monroe. Now Cami will have to venture out of her safety zone before the pathological poisoner stirs up more trouble...

My thoughts:

This book is so perfectly everything cozy. The setting is ideal, and feels like the kind of shop your could get lost browsing, while sipping the blend of the day. The characters however are the best, absolute best part for me. I simply adore Cami and Pink, they are such sweet friends and the fun banter together is hilarious, almost as hilarious as the banter with Clint and Cami. It was refreshing to see he wasn't perfect and Cami wasn't falling over herself to be with him, thought he did sound dreamy, except the coffee thing.. you need to read to enjoy that one.  

The mystery was a fun one with a lot of clues and a lot of viable suspects. I didn't make a correct pick by the end and I think that was mostly because I was enjoying the story and characters so much I wasn't hardcore puzzling it out. Of course that could be pride talking... could be. 

Oh and a really neat bonus is that in the back you will find instructions to make your very own easy snow globe. There is still time before the holidays and I think they would make adorable gifts. 

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