Friday, February 26, 2016

Beauty, Beast, and Belladonna (Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery #3) by Maia Chance

I do believe in fairy tales, you know that. Two guesses what I am going to tell you about today? You only needed one guess, I bet. A cozy series that is fairy tale theemed! Who is excited? I am not talking just loosely themed either, this is a full-on, fabulous fairy tale! Beauty, Beast, and Belladonna (Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery #3) by Maia Chance is something I know you will love! 

From the back of the book:

From the author of Cinderella Six Feet Under, a beauty must solve a beastly murder.

Variety hall actress Ophelia Flax knows how to win over an audience. That’s why she’s accepted the marriage proposal of the brutish Comte de Griffe to nettle her occasional investigative partner—and romantic sparring partner—the pompous if dashing Professor Penrose. 

But with his boorish table manners, wild mane of hair, and habit of prowling away the wee hours, the comte has shredded Ophelia’s last nerve. She intends to disengage from her feral fiancé at his winter hunting party—until Penrose, his lovely new fiancée, and a stagecoach of stranded travelers arrive at the comte’s sprawling château. Soon she can’t tell the boars from the bores.

When one of the guests is found clawed and bloody in the orangerie, Ophelia is determined to solve the murder before everyone starts believing the local version of Beauty and the Beast. But until the snows melt, she can’t trust her eyes—or her heart—since even the most civilized people hold beastly secrets.

My thoughts:

It happens very rarely, but I actually found this series to be refreshingly different to others in the genre. I loved the idea of taking beloved, well known fairy tales, and turning them into mysteries. It was risky and showed the unique voice of Maia Chance. I don't think many could have pulled it off but the voice and style read as a classic would. It was enchanting. 

There is a lovely puzzling of moving parts that I didn't quite put together. I did, however, enjoy trying and found it all totally satisfying. It was a rich reading experience that I enjoyed. I look forward, greatly, to more parts and will seek out the first two as well.

The style and theme makes this have a wider appeal than to just cozy fans. I should think it would be safe to recommend this to those who love something with a historic feel, and even to YA fans. I have not read the other parts as of yet, but I can safely say you don't need to in order to enjoy this treasure.

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