Monday, February 8, 2016

GL-Sail Fine Art Oil Colored Pencils

By now, you guys should know that I like to color. It is one of my favorite ways to relax! Of course, coloring is much more enjoyable when you have some good quality pencils in your hand. I recently got the chance to try out the GL-Sail Fine Art Oil Colored Pencils and I really like them. First off, they came packaged in a box, rather than the roll and I really appreciate that. It ensured that my pencils arrived safely. 

The roll that is included is absolutely adorable! I love the colorful, tribal design; it is perfect for the set. The 48 pencils are all numbered, which is great so you can easily keep them in order in your roll. The flap at the top of the roll protects your pencils and also keeps them from falling out or marking on anything else, which is really nice.

The colors are super saturated and can be used lightly, or heavily, to give you an even wider variety of shades. They also glide very easily over your paper and feel nice in your hand. Blending them is a breeze as well, which is really nice.

This set of GL-Sail Fine Art Oil Colored Pencils is awesome and I can easily recommend them! They are very high quality pencils and come in a sturdy, durable roll. The price point is great as well! You can pick up a set for yourself, or the artist in your life, on Amazon!

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  1. I like to color too. Did you see the promoption last week with the coloring book downloads from many of the big museums? If not, I'm sure many of them are still accessible.