Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sacred Blade of Profanity Series by Toneye Eyenot

It's not uncommon that when I find a book that I enjoy reading I finish it in one night. I don't think I have ever found one that I liked so well that I started and finished it and then started its second part all in one night. Grab a seat and let me tell about a series that will take you on a ride to dark and magical places. 

The Scarlett Curse: The Sacred Blade of Profanity Book 1

From the back of the book:

Scarlett, bearer of The Sacred Blade Of Profanity for nigh on three hundred years, untouched by linear time, unhindered by the confines of space, nevertheless has grown weary. The ancient dagger, crafted in sorcery over eight thousand years ago, requires the blood of the profane to sustain its power. Scarlett has killed scores over the centuries and will continue for as long as she possesses The Blade. 

Her chance meeting with young Dera, an 11 year old mute from the outskirts of town, throws both of their worlds into chaos, as Scarlett returns to the busy town of Mills Wall, to complete a failed attempt on her most elusive target to date. Could this child be the downfall of Scarlett? The demise of The Sacred Blade Of Profanity? Dark and troubled times are all that is foreseeable for both Scarlett and the mysterious little girl. Indeed for all of Mills Wall.

My thoughts:

The first thing I want to praise is that this story starts like I like them to - right in the midst of something exciting. This is a story written for readers like me; readers who want to be thrown into the fray and feel things right along with the characters. I also love that The Blade itself is a character. 

The pacing is fabulous! This is high tension, high action and very dark. I was shocked, and moved, and totally hooked from start to finish. In the end, I was breathless and craved more, so I started book two!

The Scarlett Curse - Joshua's Folly: Book II in The Sacred Blade of Profanity series

From the back of the book:

Jahl-Rin… the very name would cause folk to look over their shoulder in terror. Not Joshua though. Joshua Melkerin was a peculiar character. Unassuming, ordinary looking, generously aged; he was not the kind of person one would consider to engage in the despicable acts such as those of Jahl-Rin and his ilk. His colourful past, a meticulously kept secret from all decent and law abiding folk, Joshua had at last reached the point of no repent. Alone in the world and the last of his ancestry, his zest for life all but extinguished, Joshua cared naught for the fortunes of others. 

The Sacred Blade Of Profanity had waited many years to introduce itself, through Scarlett, to Joshua’s tainted blood. The time had come at long and final last. The Kirlt’th sorcerers’ lineage had their motivations behind each targeted kill throughout the extensive history of The Blade Of Power―motives that would one day become apparent, as Joshua plodded uncertainly to his inevitable doom.

My thoughts:

When I ended the first part, I really wanted to hear more about the background of the Blade and the various characters. I was so happy that part two took a deeper look into that. Deeper and darker! Wow, with punch-in-gut start; Brilliant!

This part was longer but still managed to hold the same, wonderful pacing and dark action. Did I mention this in not for the faint of heart? This time we got see more about each character, especially ones that were only hinted at in the first part. It was really interesting that even though the characters had dark and flawed personalities, I adored reading about them. Well I did not adore Jahl-Rin, he was intense and I loved to hate him. 

I ate this part with an equal zest and I still want more. I do hope a part three is in the making because I really do want to visit the dark corners of humanity with these characters again.

You will want to stay up to date with with the works of this talented new voice. Make sure you link with Toneye Eyenot on Facebook and on his Website,where you can get a sample of his talent. Seriously, visit the website - short stories and poetry awaits. 

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