Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Shattering Crime (Stained-Glass #3) by Jennifer McAndrews

Time to revisit a much loved series of mine! A Shattering Crime (Stained-Glass #3) by Jennifer McAndrews was just released June 7th and I devoured it! I hope you have been following along with this series and if not jump right in, the water is perfect.

From the back of the book:

It’s death by Danish in the newest mystery from the national bestselling author of Death Under Glass, featuring stained-glass enthusiast and amateur sleuth Georgia Kelly.

Life in Wenwood, New York, sparkles for Georgia, but for one of her neighbors, it’s about to lose its luster...

Georgia’s day-to-day routine finally seems to be lining up. Stained-glass projects in the morning, clerical work for a law office in the afternoon, and waitressing in the evening. Best of all she gets to spend relaxing Sundays with her new boyfriend. But that comfortable pattern is about to be broken.

First Georgia’s cat goes into heat and literally disturbs the peace. Then Georgia’s mother drops in for a visit with her new husband in tow. But everything falls to pieces after a local activist is found dead from a poisoned danish. Authorities quickly put the heat on Rozelle, owner of the local bakery, but no one in town believes Rozelle capable of murder. Now it’s up to Georgia to crack the case and foil the real killer’s plans before the tranquility of Wenwood is shattered.

My thoughts:

This series is filled with all of the things I love in a cozy. The main characters, Georgia and Grandy are absolutely adorable, Tony, he steals my heart. All of  the supporting cast are sweet, or quirky in just the right ways to make the interactions heartfelt and even humorous. The setting adds to the charm and I really love the stained-glass theme. I really enjoyed the family interactions with her mother and Ben. I'm really looking froward to seeing where the next installment takes every one.

The mystery this time was figure-outable and I just did, a few chapters before the reveal. With with a minor adjustment, but I won't spoil that for you. It is possible to figure out if you are paying attention to the details. This was so easy to sink into and I found myself easily finishing it in a just a few sittings.

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