Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Grave Prediction (Psychic Eye Mystery #14) by Victoria Laurie

A Grave Prediction (Psychic Eye Mystery #14) by Victoria Laurie was a joy to read. I will always enjoy spending time Abby and this one had such a interesting mystery. I liked the way Abby was put to the test by the skeptical FBI members. It was neat to see her work with different people. This was a great addition to a wonderful series.

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From the back of the book:

In Victoria Laurie’s latest Psychic Eye Mystery, Abby Cooper learns that following the money often leads to murder....

When Abby is sent to Los Angeles to help train FBI officers to use their intuition, she encounters a case that only she can solve: a series of bank robberies in which the thieves made off with loads of cash but left no clues. Abby’s sixth sense leads her team to a tract of land recently cleared for development, where she gets a vision of four buried bodies. However, a site search turns up only ancient bones and pottery from an American Indian tribe, which is enough to delay construction for years. 

With a furious developer and dubious FBI agents on her back, Abby is losing credibility fast. But Abby’s talent rarely leads her astray, and if the bodies aren’t there yet, that means four deaths can still be stopped. She’ll just have to dig a little deeper.

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