Tuesday, June 6, 2017

French Fried (Ethnic Eats Mystery #2) by Kylie Logan

Available today! French Fried (Ethnic Eats Mystery #2) by Kylie Logan. The second part in a series I was so excited about when read part one just released today. It makes me so happy to be in a series at the start. It adds to the cozy with friends feelings I get when reading. I hope you started when I recommend it. If not this is freestanding and you can start here.

You can get your copy on Amazon.

From the back of the book:

Poison du Jour

The Statue of Liberty is 130 years old, and for the struggling residents of Hubbard, Ohio, any opportunity to bring in tourists is reason enough for a celebration. Laurel Inwood and her aunt, Sophie, are pitching in. Sophie's Terminal at the Tracks, a former greasy spoon turned charming ethnic eatery, will be offering French cuisine for the entire week.

For expert help with their quiche and escargot, the ladies turn to Raquel "Rocky" Arnaud, a former French chef and friend of Sophie. What looks like a match made in heaven turns rank as quickly as buttermilk on a summer's day. Rocky turns up dead and when her nightly red wine shows notes of oak, cinnamon, and poison, Laurel turns from souffle to sleuth.

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