Thursday, February 28, 2013

John Paul Pet Review

This post is from Cleo, our only yellow dog.

I hope you have all had a fabulous week. It’s been a fun week for us because we got try some new, extra special shampoos, conditioners and wipes from John Paul Pet. When I say extra special I really mean it. These are so nice I had to hide them so my humans wouldn't be tempted to use them.
At the start of the week we had some unseasonably warm weather so it was a perfect time for me and patches to get a nice long bath. I went first and got to use a lovely trio of oatmeal based products. First was the Oatmeal Shampoo, which smells so nice. It is designed for sensitive skin which is great because one of my sisters has extremely dry, itchy and very sensitive skin. You use it just like a regular shampoo, wet your fur, apply, lather and work down to the tail. If you have a particularly smelly pup you can repeat for extra cleaning and deodorizing.

Next was an Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse which had the same lovely smell as the shampoo.  I can't even begin to explain how nice these smell. I mean it smells better than the stuff my humans use. I have never used a conditioner before and I wasn't sure if it would help me because I have sort of wiry hair, but it did! You can instantly tell a difference when you are rinsing it out. This will be great for dogs with longer hair too as it makes brushing easier and helps with tangles.

The last part of the trio is for in between grooming times and is an Oatmeal Conditioning Spray. It makes brushing so easy and painless as it also helps greatly with tangles and leaves your fur shiny and soft. An extra bonus is it also smells fabulous and will help freshen you up between baths!

 Patches had a bath with the Tea Tree Shampoo which is a soothing and moisturizing shampoo. Just look at all of her soothing lather! This shampoo has an invigorating almost minty scent, which left Patches and will leave your doggy smelling fresh and clean. You use this the same way as you would any dog shampoo, wet your fur, apply, lather, work to tail and rinse. We noticed a great reduction in the amount of time Patches spent itching and that is great because she is a very itchy doggy!

As the week went on it changed from warm to bitter cold, too cold for a bath for sure. John Paul Pet still had us covered. They have an awesome Waterless Foam Shampoo that is perfect for cold weather or for dogs that are strongly opposed to the water. It can even be used for cats which we all know can be rather difficult to get in a bath! Fudge was the first of us dogs to have a foam bath and we were all surprised by how fresh it left him. Sam the cat was next and he didn't even realize he was getting a wash, he thought he was getting extra strokes. You can see from the pictures he was so happy he even gave out kisses. It’s really easy to use too, you just massage it into the fur and work it down to the tail and then you brush it periodically until it dries. Easy - and it smells so nice!

Another great thing for between grooming or really cold days are pet wipes. We were lucky enough to try three different kinds. The Full Body & Paw Wipes have lanolin which will clean and moisturize coats, as well as help with cracked pads while gently cleaning and removing bacteria. I loved getting wiped down with these, it was like getting an extra long petting!

Up next I tried the Ear & Eye Wipes which will be so handy in my household because Patches has a tendency for eye goop and dirty ears. These wipes make cleaning easy and help protect against infections, stains and odors!

The last thing I used was the Tooth & Gum Wipes which I wasn't sure about because I don’t like my mouth messed with but they were actually pretty neat. I really didn't mind them because they had a nice taste and I tried to lick them after we were done but my human wouldn't let me. They use baking soda and a cool mint to help remove stains and freshen breath.

After all of that grooming and pampering we were ready for some seriously sweet smelling cuddles and were even allowed to stay on the bed! I hope you all got up to something new or fun and that we all find something fun to get out paws into this week.

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