Friday, February 22, 2013

Keep Your Feet Warm With Kamik

We had been having a rather mild winter this year. In fact we only had one minor dusting of snow and a handful of days that actually got ‘cold.’ Then I heard about winter storm Q, and yes I think the new naming of winter storms is silly, but the irony that this one hitting me was named after my least favorite Star Trek villain did not escape me.

I’m a huge fan of winter personally. My only real problem is that my feet seem to stay cold. In fact they stay cold inside, going outside in really cold weather can actually be painful. Q brought with it wind chills in the teens and lots of ice and sleet for my area. However this time my feet stayed warm! That’s right, in winds as cold as ten degrees my feet stayed nice and toasty! The one and only reason for that was my Kamik SnowVixen Boots.

There is so much to love about these boots! To start with the Vulcanized Rubber Bottom will keep your feet dry and steady, even on icy surfaces and hard packed snow. I was able to personally test this out and felt very steady on my feet, which is saying a lot for me.

The lining, which is easily removable, is a 6mm Zylex Liner that will keep your feet warm in down to negative 25 degrees! As you can see from the pictures I did pull out the liner. I wanted to see first how easy it was to remove and second how comfortable the boots were without it for more temperate days. It pulled out with ease and surprisingly went back in just as easily. I found them to be pretty comfortable without the liner as well, but obviously the fit is quiet a bit looser.

Another feature that I simply adore is that the lining is moisture wicking. I am someone who has sweaty feet - and I mean really sweaty feet! I usually powder all of my shoes before I put them on, and especially in the winter when sweaty feet can make you really cold. So now, as well as staying toasty warm, my feet also stay dry!

Speaking of dry (sweaty feet issues aside), your feet will definitely stay dry in these fabulous boots because they have a waterproof Crazyhorse leather upper, seam sealed waterproof construction, the rubber bottom I mentioned, and a waterproof gusset tongue.

Aside from all the functional reasons to love the SnowVixen, as the name suggests they are sexy winter boots! The fabulous leather upper is a soft gorgeous leather and there is a genuine shearling snow collar. These look great with jeans, leggings or snow pants.

The rustproof d-ring lacing system not only makes them easily adjustable, but it is also very cool looking and adds to the whole fabulous look, while making them super easy to get on even over jeans.

I also love that Kamik is a family run company. They are based in Canada and have been making outdoor footwear in Canada and the USA for over 100 years. Please visit their website and browse their great selection of winter boots, while you are there check out their sandals and rain boots as well.

Disclosure: I was given the products I reviewed and no other compensation was received. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours.


  1. These look absolutely fabulous on you! Something like these would have done wonders for me! This is the first time in a long time I've lived somewhere that there was actually a noticeable winter and I was NOT prepared.

    1. Thank you. They sure did come in handy for Q and his ice! This was actually the first time my feet were prepared and it makes a huge difference.

  2. Girl you need to be a spokeslady for these boots. A great description and pictures of the boots. Great article!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! I would so love to be a spokeslady for Kamik and their awesome boots!