Friday, March 22, 2013

Ruger LCR 22

When I was asked by my husband what I wanted for my birthday, I was stumped. We are truly blessed, and I really could not think of a single thing I was lacking. Is it ironic that at this time of total contentment, I found my new favorite hobby? I had never before considered that I might want to fire a gun. In fact, up until I decided I wanted to, I was pretty sure I did not. I was even uncomfortable with air guns. I just had no idea how they worked, and I had always heard they were dangerous - so I didn‘t want to be around or holding one.

 Enter my Ruger LCR. From the moment I laid eyes on it I wanted to hold it, and as soon as I held it, some but not all of my fears started to ease. As the gentleman at the shop patiently explained everything about this gun and how it worked, I started to think I might really do this - buy, own and fire a gun. And so, after a very long time of looking, holding, and contemplating, I did get the LCR for my birthday.

We all have different hands sizes, so this may not be true for you, but for me it seemed to be made just for my grip. It felt perfect in my hand, like it was made for me. When we got to the local range, I must admit my fear got the better of me, and so I asked my husband to fire my new gun first. I left the range that day without firing my gun, feeling defeated, and wondering if I had made the right decision.

However, I was determined to at least fire it once before deciding if I wanted to keep it, give it to my husband, or sell it. I’m glad I gave it that one more chance, because there was no feeling more liberating than facing that fear and firing off the first eight rounds. With each reload my confidence increased, and I found it to be extremely relaxing.

Now I will get some of this wrong, because this is my first gun and I don’t know all of the technical terms, but here are my thoughts on the LCR 22 caliber revolver. The first thing I noticed was that there is no manual safety button. I had assumed all guns had them, but then I had the crazy notion that all guns had an easy trigger. This gun is double action only, which to me means that the trigger takes some effort for me to pull. I will not accidentally fire this and I can understand why there is no need for a manual safety button.

There is also not one of the hammers that you pull back, and I think that adds greatly to how sexy this gun looks - the lines are beautiful and smooth. Mine is currently all black except for the cylinder and trigger, which are stainless steel.

I like the way it loads. It is very easy, you just push the release button (which doesn’t take much strength) and then the cylinder swings out and you can load the bullets. After you have finished firing, you follow the same steps to swing out the cylinder. There is a little part you push to help the spent bullet shells come out.

It was louder than I expected. On the plus side it had less of a jerk than I was expecting too. I am sure some gun enthusiasts may laugh at me saying this about a 22, but it felt powerful to me.

I’m not very accurate with it at all, which is good, because it gives me a reason to visit the range frequently and practice. I find firing this gun as, if not more, relaxing than meditating.

Considering how much I love firing my LCR, I will have to customize the look to make it my own. So be on the lookout for a post about that later, when my extra goodies have been ordered and arrive.

For more details and technical stuff you can visit the Ruger site. They have wonderful videos that explain the features of all of the styles of guns they offer. You can also connect with Ruger on Facebook.


  1. I used to be afraid but I see more and more woman learning to shoot. I really want to learn myself. I think it's better to know how to handle one instead of being afraid....

  2. I really don't think I could ever do this but it's awesome to see you getting excited about it and learning more. Doesn't hurt that you look like a total Bad-A. ;)

  3. I personally love the Ruger co. Although I do think revolvers are more accurate and maybe easier to handle I prefer a larger clip thats easier to reload more like their Ruger 9mm :) At least it holds 8 rounds ! Do they make a quick loader for it? Congrats on your purchase! I love your pink ear muffs!

  4. I miss shooting, my ex-husband used to take me all the time. My favorite was the cowboy action .22 revolver he bought me for my birthday. Its ugly as sin, but shoots well and isn't overly heavy or cumbersome.

  5. I love shooting my Ruger, you and me have a lot in common honey, it's a shame we live so far apart :(

  6. I read that more women are getting guns and gun permits. With so much crime they feel the need to protect themselves. I do not blame them. But I have never owned a gun. Maybe someday. But, you looked like you did really good learning to shoot a gun!

  7. The Good Guys need to be able to own guns because the bad guys will always have them!!

  8. My husband wants me to learn to shoot, and I am terrified

  9. Very cool, I would love to get out to the range sometime.

  10. I love how you make jewelry out of bullets. Your pieces are very lovely. Thank you for your giveaway.

  11. i've never shot a gun but I'm sure it makes you feel pretty powerful

  12. Glad you're enjoying a new hobby.

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